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In The News for Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Posted May 25 2021 8:28PM

·       An interesting contrast on how Trump spent tax dollars versus Biden. President Trump asked for $5.6 million for the Wall. He got $1.375 and allocated another $3.8 billion. At the end of 2020 he had spent or begun the process of spending $9 billion on 400 miles of wall. President Biden has so far redirected $2 billion from various programs toward healthcare and transportation costs for illegal aliens. Another $8.6 billion is scheduled to be reallocated. Maybe a letter to your Congressperson or Senator is in order.

·       Not a good sign. I suppose it was inevitable, though. The Feda is showing signs of being Woke. These Regional presidents need to be replaced at the first opportunity.

·       Minneapolis joins Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore in the list of cities whose crime rates are out of control. A City’s Inexorable Decline. Police reform seems to be working so well there. And this from Minnesota Governor Waltz. He is a pluperfect idioth.   

·       Dishing out benefits based on skin color is an issue that will wind up in the courts. A judge in Texas has already issued a stay.

·       You have to read this to believe it. State Department to Honor George Floyd. 2022 and 2024 can’t come soon enough.  The election of Joe Biden has already proved to be a disaster. The State Department’s full-on embrace of BLM and CRT is just one more data point demonstrating that America is being run by people who hate her. Embassies to display BLM flag for George Floyd anniversary. Disgusting.

·       Maybe one reason why support for BLM has deteriorated so precipitously. Working-class people of color hate the riots the lefty elite keeps cheering.

·       Maricopa County forensic auditor notes media and county officials intentionally misleading public about deleted vote databases. Did you expect anything else? Watch the short clip. Also in New Hampshire, Auditor says 60% error rate “way higher than we expected.”

During the first small audit (recount) it was discovered that Republican votes were undercounted and Democrat candidates were overcounted. This anomaly was discovered during a hand recount of the ballots as compared to the electronic tabulation results.

After the first set of electronic tabulation results were discovered to be inaccurate the state authorized a full forensic audit. The full audit is ongoing; yesterday it was reported the second hand recount matched the first, which means the machine tabulation of those ballots was wrong.

·       More news from Facebook. A whistleblower leaks details of users being suppressed based on “vaccine hesitancy.”

·       National Guard starts departing D.C. this week after four months. Guess Pelosi et. al. believe the danger of “insurrection” is over. Not at the polls, I hope.

·       It is, after all, an experimental vaccine. Problem have arisen and we have no idea what we might see in the future. The CDC is investigating cases of heart inflammation in teens, young adults who got two-shot COVID vaccine. I think if only involves the Pfizer vaccine.

·       White liberal mother regrets offering her daughter as ritual sacrifice to diversity gods of the globalist American empire[JW1] . HINK [the mother] is clearly in the end stages of liberal brain rot.

·       Congressman Paul Gosar is introducing the MERIT Act, Making Excellence Replace Identity Traits (MERIT) Act. Unlike most acts which are reams of paper, this one is short and succinct, about 100 words.

The Federal Government may not establish, implement, or otherwise carry out any hiring practice or program that uses affirmative action based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability as a basis for a personnel action with respect to Federal employees or members of the uniformed services, and no Federal funds may be provided to any entity (including Federal contractors (or subcontractors thereof)) that has in place any such practice or program.”

It should be wholeheartedly embraced by the GOP caucus and not allowed to be suppressed.

·       A friend shared this Paul Harvey clip from 1965. It’s only about 3 minutes long and prophetic.

·       Et Tu, Obama. What he really thinks of Joe Biden. One of the few, if only, things we agree on.

·       Lies, Damned Lies, And Polling. Does anyone with a modicum of gray matter between their ears who believes that Joe Biden is polling 62% who say he is doing a good job? He is as near a total disaster as we’re ever likely to get. That is unless he is succeeded by Kamala Harris. IPSOS is well known for their liberal bias to put it mildly.

·       94-year old receives Medal of Honor 70 years after his heroism. He is now one of the most decorated soldiers in U.S. History[JW2] . He was decorated for valor in both Korea and Vietnam.

·       As one reporter finds out courtesy of Gov. DeSantis, facts can hurt a stupid narrative.

·       CBS Sixty Minutes does story on gender dysphoria showing just how ridiculous and harmful the current trends and narratives surrounding gender are. The facts they talked about have been known for a long time but not widely covered by a woke media.

·       Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is the modern version of Will Rogers. His most recent bon mot: “Love is the answer, but you oughta own a handgun just in case.”  

·       Really?! LOL. CBS blames rising crime on record gun sales.

·       Let’s see how Biden administration handles this. I think we know what Trump would have done.