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In The News for Friday, November 13, 2020
Posted Nov 13 2020 7:08AM

·       A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that late PA ballots should not be counted – Secretary of State ‘lacked constitutional authority’ to override election law. Case likely to now wind up in Supreme Court. Here is some food for thought if you think this thing is settled. Not by a long shot.

·       Dominion Voting Systems is coming under more and more scrutiny and it appears there are serious flaws being uncovered. As of right now, the electoral count looks like Trump at 232 and Biden at 226 if you don’t count the states that are still up for grabs. I know this will be a shock to many of the sycophants in the media, but there is no such thing as the office of the president-elect. That’s some major gaslighting. Dominion, by the way, is based in Toronto, Canada and has heavy ties to Democratic politicians and lobbysists.

·       Lawsuit alleges that out-of-state vehicles brought tens of thousands of unsealed ballots to Michigan, all for Dems.

·       The Mainstream Media is not a decent source for what’s going on in the investigation of voter fraud. If you want to stay on top of it on a daily basis, this is a good source.

·       As the Blue Wave didn’t materialize and a Red Wave swept several Democratic House Reps from office, the friction between the Squad and the relatively less insane Democrats has been growing. It will be interesting to see if Nancy Pelosi survives as House Leader. There seems to be a very dysfunctional family[JW1]  feud going[JW2] [JW3]  on that isn’t likely to get better any time soon. The pollsters had the Dems picking up 10-15 seats in the House[JW4] . Instead they lost several, with some long-time members losing their seats. Another one flipped in Connecticut[JW5] [JW6] .

·       Biden Covid-19 advisor urges 4-6 week nationwide lockdown. Knew this was coming, didn’t we[JW7] ?

·       The news isn’t getting any better for pollsters. These people deserve the ridicule they are getting.

·       Why all the hand wringing and hysteria? President Trump is simply following Hillary Clinton’s advice.

·       With the Senate now at 50-48 in favor of the Republicans, all eyes will be on Georgia.   

·       I, too, have come to really enjoy the way Sen. John Kennedy of LA can turn a phrase.

·       And you thought there might be waste, fraud and abuse in the system. Oregon is doling out Covid “Cares Act” money to strippers, hookers and lap dancers who have fallen through the cracks. After all, what are politicians supposed to do in their spare time[JW8] ?

·       From The Babylon BeeGirlfriend Keeps Referring To Herself As ‘Wife-Elect’ Despite No Official Word From Boyfriend. Hilarious!

·       I think they should post the “list” online so we could sign up and save them time. AOC and the always execrable Robert Reich think the left needs to amass a list of their adversaries for retribution. As the New York Post says, “It is loathsome.”

·       Well, this could really hamper those “mostly peaceful protests” of people assuaging their grief by looting big-screen TV’s and Nikes. Gov. DeSantis’ anti-mob law moves to allow citizens to shoot looters. It seems to me like a logical extension of the Castle Doctrine.

·       Another example of how Covid deaths may be miscounted.

Wife: Did I get fat during quarantine?

Husband: You weren’t really skinny to begin with.

Time of Death: 11 PM

Cause: Covid