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In The News for Thursday, October 29, 2020
Posted Oct 29 2020 7:48AM

·       The President and Joe Biden are holding dueling rallies in Tampa, FL today. It ought to be an interesting comparison.

·       This is the depths to which our mainstream media outlets have sunk. ‘Lapdog Press’ blacks out explosive Tony Bobulinski claims as CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo skip story. What would be the most dominant story in the press if it involved a Republican is being smothered by the mainstream media. Indications are that the story is getting widespread dissemination, though. The fact that the Bobulinski interview and revelations were not on the front page of the NYT or WaPo is evidence of just how irrelevant these former pillars of journalism have become.

·       If you missed the interview, you should watch it and come to your own conclusion. We can thank Adam Schiff for it taking place. How fitting. You should really watch the whole thing. Every minute of it. Tucker indicated that he was met with “extraordinary” attempts to squelch the story and that he will reveal the details at a later date.

·       Watched some of the Senate testimony yesterday from the social media titans. Jack Dorsey’s excuses were laughable. Action needs to be taken immediately to regulate these people’s attempt to define the narrative. Take away their immunity to being sued. Here is a quick take on Ted Cruz’ questioning of Jack Dorsey. By the way, is Jack Dorsey a homeless person? Sure looks like it. As for Mark Zuckerberg, he was totally unaware that Facebook’s “Election Integrity Official” formerly worked for Joe Biden. Yeah, I know we all believe that.

·       A good post on Instapundit. As Andy McCarthy tweets, “What a time to be in journalism: Between Bobulinski and the Biden corruption scandal, rioting in our cities, a new Supreme Court justice’s first full day, and peace breaking out in the Middle East, has there ever been so much to “not” cover?”

·       If you are a regular reader, you know what I think is going to happen on Tuesday. Here is another take.

·       Fake science is rampant concerning COVID-19 and the motivation appears to be political. You can’t take anything from the New York Times or the Washington Post seriously.

·       But, but…this stuff wasn’t supposed to happen. A little voter fraud in Texas.

·       Everyone should listen to this. Some facts for Black Lives Matter.

·       Where’s the media, indeed?[JW1]  Massive pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills brings together black, white, gay, straight Americans – where’s the media?

·       Funny Trump ad.