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In The News for Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Posted Sep 21 2021 7:39AM

·       26 Governors demand meeting with Biden over border crisis. And this: Fewer than half of Americans believe Biden is mentally stable enough to serve as president. And how is this for something that makes no sense. U.S. to require COVID-19 vaccinations for arriving travelers except for illegal immigrants at Southern border. This should have been happening from day one. From the El Paso Times this rundown. Ironically, most of the Haitian illegals have been living in Chile and Brazil legally and now they will be flown back to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Not good judgement on their part.    

·       Stranded in Afghanistan. Biden’s mess is a disaster. Lives are being lost.

·       Is Australia Not Going To Take It Anymore? From the looks of this, they’ve had enough. As the author says: “It’s not enough to break through police lines. Mobs need to track the politicians that imposed these lockdowns to their homes, bust down their doors, drag them forcibly into the street, and then tar and feather them.” Look for this kind of civil disobedience to spread.  

·       Interesting who did not show up for Biden’s speech in Colorado. He’s already becoming toxic to Democrats, even in a state as blue as Colorado has turned.

·       The Justice for Jan 6 rally was a bust. Police, Media and ‘Fedboi” infiltrators outnumbered protesters, as expected. The only armed protester arrested was an undercover FBI agent. LOL. This picture was all over the internet. This is undercover? Right. Each one has a bulge in his pocket. Twitter was abuzz with some hilarious takes. Such as this one: BREAKING:                                                         An enormous gathering of journalists in Washington, D.C. today was orderly and peaceful, and a few Justice for J6 protestors showed up, too.  

·       As usual, Brian Wesbury gets it right .