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In The News for Thursday, July 28, 2022
Posted Jul 28 2022 6:33AM

·        The bench isn’t very deep, is it? New Hampshire Dems Say: Go Away, Joe! Excuse me? Pete Buttigieg? PETE BUTTIGIEG? If I were Joe, I’d just go ahead and put my head in the oven.

·        The U.S. isn’t the only place that there seems to be a potential shift taking place. Italy of all places may be about to shift a bit to the right, too. Apparently, Italians aren’t too thrilled with unfettered immigration, either.  

·        What the hell is Biden doing? This is insane. With Strategic Petroleum Reserve at lowest levels since 1985, US sells stockpiled oil to China. It’s time Congress put a stop to this treasonous nonsense. Unfortunately, every Democrat voted Wednesday to keep doing it. Remember this in November.

·        A long and interesting article about some game-changing technology called the Rotation Detonation Engine which offers more power, range and fuel efficiency that current jet engines.