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In The News for Thursday, January 14, 2021
Posted Jan 14 2021 7:18AM

·       Watched some of the House proceedings yesterday. We are in real trouble with these people determining our fate. Here is an example of the nonsense being spouted. If anyone should be cancelled it is this idiot. Here is what Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House Homeland Security panel had to say. As I said, we are in real trouble with these people in charge. We will not be lectured by the violent, anti-American, revolutionary left. I talk to people all over the country, mostly professionals, and they are not cowed. They are livid! When called out by Rep. Gaetz, the Dems screamed at him. This must totally confound the Democrats. President Trump’s approval rating surged following the protests.

·       Ten Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for impeachment. It will be interesting to see what happens in their next primaries. They deserve to be unceremoniously booted and forced to earn an honest living.

·       My new hero, or heroine, Rep. Taylor Greene (R-GA) plans to file impeachment charges against Joe Biden on Jan. 21st.  

·       Reconciliation, Who Wants That? I wouldn’t hold my breath regardless of what some are saying in an attempt to tone down the rhetoric for now.

·       Democrats Tower Of Self-Reinforcing Bulls**t. Very good post.  For a party that failed to flip a single statehouse chamber in November, Democrats are freebasing dangerous levels of their own bulls**t in ratcheting up the rhetorical hysteria.

·       Things like this keep seeping out. I expect more is to come.

·       Have trouble keeping your passwords straight. Bitcoin may not be for you. Roughly $140 billion in Bitcoin lost by people who forgot their passwords. One poor guy has two guesses left before he loses $220 million.

·       I love it. Bruce Willis kicked out of Rite-Aid for refusing to wear mask. Always a fan. Now more so. So this is how they shoe their gratitude after he saved Nakatomi Plaza.

·       The evolution of Twitter.

·       Alternatives seem to be coming out of the woodwork as you might expect in a free-market economy.  Looking for some alternatives? Here is a list. I’m looking to migrate to GAB and possibly Brave, which I’m currently trying out. These sites are experiencing a tremendous influx of new users currently and can be slower than is ideal. That should be fixed shortly. Here is an interview with the founder of GAB. I wish him all the best. The more I read about GAB and their browser, Dissenter, the more impressed I am.

·       Facebook permanently bans retailer, PatrioticMe, seller of patriotic clothing and products.  

·       Squish Republican Turncoats Are More Vile Than Democrats. The Scourge of the Fake Conscience Republicans from Stephen Kruiser. Kira Davis makes a good point.

·       You just can’t make this stuff up. All you need to know about Nancy Pelosi is that she appointed this moron as an impeachment manager.

·       Here is the list of companies cutting off Trump and his supporters.

·       Is Facebook worried about being cancelled? They have told their employees not to wear anything with the company logo in public. Really? See any irony here? MAGA hats and now Facebook logos?

·       C’Mon, Now. Here’s a little good news for a change. A good watch

·       Talk about delusional! A Democratic “strategist” sees Liz Cheney as the 2024 Republican front-runner. Dream on idiots.

·       How inconvenient to be faced with your own words. Chris Cuomo didn’t like it.  

·       Pelosi’s majority is just 5-7 seats. The Blue Dog coalition is threatening to bolt is things swing too far to the left.

·       A new Lockheed SR-72, successor to the SR-71. Oh, Boy! It’s called the Darkstar.

·       Facebook and Google aren’t that happy with Apple’s new iOS-14. It might make tracking you a little harder.

·       Another great appointment by our soon to be inaugurated new President.

·       As Glenn Reynolds says, think of this as a Millennial/Gen Z anti-theft device. Every new car you can still buy with a manual transmission