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In The News for Friday, March 3, 2023
Posted Mar 03 2023 8:20AM

·        John Hinderaker makes a comment that is absolutely inarguable about Education.

The question of what to do about our dismal education system is a large one, but any possible solution begins with the acknowledgement that our public schools are, now, unacceptably bad, despite the astonishingly large amounts of money we spend on them. America’s Public Schools Are A Disaster. A good beginning to solving the problem would be to dissolve the American Federation of Teachers and put Randi Weingarten in stocks on the public square.

·        President Bukele of El Salvador was elected with a mandate to attack crime. His success had been nothing short of phenomenal. Recently, there have been some stories in the U.S. media showing the new prison built to house the gang members incarcerated by Bukele. It’s a model we could use. Watch the clip and tell me it doesn’t bring a smile to your face to see how these animals have been brought to heel by the Salvadoran Justice System. “Join a gang, go straight to jail” in Tecoluca, El Salvador. Widespread dissemination of this film clip won’t help gang recruitment. Wonder if we could work out a deal with Bukele to house our illegal immigrants and “asylum” seekers until their U.S. court dates?

·        Civil Asset Forfeiture was a decent idea but it opened up the ability to start down the slippery slope of bureaucratic abuse and needs to be reined in.  

·        Hiring for any reason other than excellence and competence is a recipe for disaster. We’ve seen that in spades in our educational system as thousands of incompetent teachers have been hired. An interesting quirk about diversity roles at corporations.