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In The News for Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Posted Oct 20 2021 7:55AM

·       Black Monday Revisited. One of the best descriptions of this event I’ve ever read. I remember it well. I knew some who were wiped out by margin calls and some who stepped in the day after and made out handsomely[JW1] .

·       How long can this embarrassment go on? Until even the Democrats are embarrassed?

·       It seems to be a requirement than only nitwits need apply to.  Oberlin College. Here’s another beauty. The guy, or guy/girl who wrote this is going to have a touch time assimilating into society when he/she graduates.

·       Is American in irreversible decline? A very interesting talk by Conrad Black, a Canadian and member of the House of Lords. Spoiler: The answer is no. Well worth your time to watch.

·       Biden’s Secret Flights.

·       I guess they figure they can make it up on volume[JW2] . LOL. “Over the past five years, fines from parking tickets have brought in over $617 million to the city of Los Angeles,” said Crosstown. “But over that same time, the department in charge of writing those tickets ran up costs of more than $809 million in salaries, equipment and other expenses.”

·       Consumer giant to raise prices across the board. Proctor & Gamble[JW3]  will be raising prices on a number of household staples. Let’s Go, Brandon!

·       A long and detailed article[JW4]  on just how corrupt the whole Russian collusion narrative was. There is no question that people should go to jail. Meanwhile, a hit and a miss by ABC in trying to breathe new life into the Steele dossier.  Anyone surprised it was George Stephanopoulos doing the interview?

·       More evidence of just what they think of us courtesy of Peppermint Patty Psaki.

·       Mainstream Media’s most deceptive edits, misleading footage. Based on polls, most Americans seem to have figured out that the press can’t be trusted.

·       What can I say? I’ll just link this without comment.

·       Panic is setting in for Democrats as Biden implodes and they realize that the AOC wing is causing them to commit suicide. They are increasingly freaking out.

·       OK. Things with this supply shortage thing are getting really serious. Dunkin Donuts runs out of donuts amid supply chain disruptions in Baltimore. With the price increases we’ve already seen with Bacon, this could push people right over the edge. Two items at the apex of the food pyramid.

·       The Incredible (and unique) Firepower of the U.S. Army’s Night Stalkers. As the clip at the end of the article shows clearly, you can’t hide.