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In The News for Monday, June 21, 2021
Posted Jun 21 2021 7:05AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Gee Whiz Edition.

·       You’ll remember, of course, that MSNBC and CNN were extolling the Creepy Porn Lawyer as a potential Democratic presidential nominee. That didn’t age well, did it? Prosecutors are seeking “very substantial” prison time for Avenatti.

·       Portland, OR goes over the cliff.

Portland Mayor Tweet.PNG

·      Enough with the ‘White Boy Domestic Terror Threat’ Fiction.

The biggest threat to freedom right now is a government that’s being run by rabid, un-American ideologues who are using an isolated incident to wage a protracted war against anyone who disagrees with them.

·       Well, my shocked face is getting frozen in place. Huge: Significant Election Irregularities Exposed in Fulton County, GA.

·       He just can’t help it, can he? Biden Lies Overseas. Even Slow Joe should know the truth about this by now.

·       This isn’t likely to happen and if it does, you’re not likely to see the results. Obama Doctor Demands Biden ‘Submit To A Cognitive Test Immediately.’

·       A top Obama ethics official is not happy with Joe Biden. I mean really not happy.

·       The IRS is at it again. I doubt they ever stopped.

·       Biden dumping illegal immigrants around the nation without notice. He did it here, Chattanooga, and I’ll bet he’s doing it in your area, too.

·       Fighting Back Against Evil. Ted Cruz gets it right. Critical Race Theory is bigoted. It is a lie. And it is every bit as racist as a Klansmen in white sheets.

·       J.P. Sears on our Woke Military.

·       Here is a story you may not be aware of involving one of the 9/11 terrorists. It is simply unbelievable.