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In The News for Monday, December 28, 2020
Posted Dec 28 2020 8:22AM

·        Remember You’re American. It’s Important. Christmas Meme of the Year.

·        CNN and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution don’t seem to think that the fact that their candidate tried to run over his wife with a car is news. They are essentially covering the story…with a pillow.

·        The Counterrevolution Begins. It’s about time. A step in the right direction.

·        A roundup of some interesting charts, starting with the feel-good chart of the week on Newspaper Jobs.

·        Ted Cruz heads Biden off at the pass on the Iran Deal and the Paris Climate Accord.

·        Cry Me A River. The left is triggered over President Trump’s pardons. Here’s why. Stephanie Mohr’s pardon was particularly deserved.

·        Feminists remain strangely silent on this issue. If it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

·        80-Year-Old armed citizen teaches carjackers valuable life lesson. I love a happy ending. Meanwhile, in Chicago, an armed robber picked the wrong AT&T store.

·        Biden throwing a conniption that Twitter wouldn’t transfer Trump’s followers to him.

·        It was bound to happen. Texas issues ‘stay at home’ order for entire state of California.

·        Poland may have the right answer to big tech censorship. Maybe some U.S. Congressmen will discover their backbones and other parts of their anatomy.