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In The News for Monday, October 3, 2021
Posted Oct 04 2021 6:41AM

·       Nancy Pelosi wasn’t able to pull her folks together and get the infrastructure bill passed even with a visit from Joe Biden. Joe offered to take questions after he finished speaking, but his handlers quickly stepped in and put the kibosh on that idea. While I enjoy seeing the disarray, I fear they will eventually work out something and, as Scott Johnson says, “It won’t be pretty.”

·       A stunning new poll from Rasmussen. Should Joe Biden resign? 55% say yes versus 39% no. Plus: Ten Biden Whoppers.

·       In case you think the Biden chants are confined to football stadiums, here is a NASCAR event at Talladega. The NBC commentator hilariously tries to pass it off as “Let’s Go Brandon” for the winning driver.

·       Merck’s new treatment for COVID in pill form may be a treatment for other virulent viruses[JW1] .

·       Twelve minutes worth watching in its entirety on the situation with LTC Scheller.

·       An excellent assessment of the Biden administration. Biden’s “C-Team” Administration. I think “F” would be more fitting.

Anthony Blinken and Jake Sullivan were not well known for strategic or policy brilliance before their elevation to the top of the American National Security apparatus. Lloyd Austin was a general, but a largely unknown one.

·       More federal indictments issued against Hillary’s lawyer for Russia Hoax Op.

This latest set of indictments appear to show that Durham has more people in his sights. Indeed, as you can see for yourself, there appear to be many, many targets out there. Durham appears to be following the crumbs back to the source.

·       You know the memes with a picture of President Trump that say “Miss Me, Yet?” Well, apparently the Democratic Mayor of Laredo, TX does.

·       We knew this guy had the IQ of an amoeba that ate paint chips as a baby amoeba but WOW, really? Good ole Eric Swalwell. You can always count on his idiocy whenever he opens his mouth.

·       J’Accuse. What is happening in Australia is almost beyond belief. Watch this editorial clip from Australian Television.

·       This goes pretty much how you would expect. This woman assures us her dog is a vegetarian by choice and to prove it she lays out a green salad side by side with a serving of meaty dog food. The dog demonstrates very quickly what his preferences are.

·       In the Bezos versus Musk race for space, Elon appears to have the edge. Bezos Blue Origin employees say they wouldn’t feel safe riding the company’s rockets and its “lucky that nothing has happened.” Elon’s snarky comment: “Bezos can’t sue his way into space.”

·       How do you take liars like this seriously? DHS Secretary Mayorkas calling illegal border crossing one of our “proudest traditions.” ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME? Biden has essentially put up a flashing OPEN neon sign the border as we brace for up to 400,000 trying to cross in October. We need to totally seal the border. Now we have unprocessed Afghans just walking off military bases and fanning out across the country. Has there ever been a more incompetent administration? Imagine the damage they can do over the next year while we wait on the midterm elections. It’s truly frightening what they are allowing to happen. The military needs to be tasked with helping the Border Patrol shut down the border totally.