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In The News for Friday, April 22, 2022
Posted Apr 22 2022 7:17AM

·        The Unmasking Appealed. Well, they could hardly let their power be diminished without protest.

·        A good piece about the corruption involved in ‘green energy.’ Leftist Approved Price Gouging.

·        Kamala’s Latest Deep Thoughts. LOL.  

·        Loose Ends from Powerline. Check out the tweet from an Assistant Dean at Princeton University. Cringeworthy!

·        Unconfirmed rumors that Chris Wallace is under suicide watch as Warner Bros. Discovery pulls the plug on CNN+.

·        Hard to believe, but a great example o confirmation bias. 72% of Dems still believe the totally debunked Russia collusion narrative.

·        Well, someone may find out we have a long memory. Saudi Ruler screamed at top biden official, told him to ‘forget about’ boosted oil production. We’re currently approaching about 12 million barrels a day, and odds are that we will once again be the world’s largest producer once the current administration is neutered.

·        I’d say Rep. Mike Johnson is on to something. He says American’s 3 big concerns are inflation, immigration and incompetence. Imight make a nice bumper sticker.

·        The Tweet Clinton’s lawyer doesn’t want admitted as evidence in Durham case. Just despicable.