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In The News for Monday, April 5, 2021
Posted Apr 05 2021 7:02AM

·        The Week in Pictures: Everbiden Edition.

·        Dwarf Telescope from INDIEGOGO. Over the year I’ve found some pretty cool products from INDIEGOGO and Kickstarter. I bought my Bluetooth earbuds from a start-up and have been very happy with them. This looks like a pretty cool product.

·        I’m a lover of things Polish, Kielbasa being one, and their soccer team being another. I’ll be pulling for them in the World Cup after they gave England the Bronx cheer on the invitation to kneel before the game.

·        A very good piece on Delta Airlines woke, left wing statement that was totally incorrect denouncing Georgia’s new Voter Integrity Law. One million-miler will not be flying Delat any more when he has a choice. Biden and His Idiot Supporters Are Trying to Cancel Georgia. Biden has lied about the law on more than one occasion and was even called out by the Washington Post. It’s about time. More, please. Georgia Republicans voted last night to cancel a Delta Airlines tax break, to punish Delta for criticizing their voter integrity bill. Last time I flew Delta, I seem to recall that they demanded a valid ID. Unfortunately, the Georgia Senate didn’t have the spine the House did. Both Delta and Coca-Cola have come out with woke statements condemning the new law, and American Airlines has done the same in Texas.  As Stephen Kruiser says, “This might be a good time to cancel ingesting the stuff my grandfather used to use to clean the rust off of antique gun parts.”

·        Number One With A Bullet. Regardless of which side of the gun control debate you are on, you should watch Bill Whittle’s six-minute rundown on worldwide murder rates per capita. I’ve seen it before and I warrant you will be surprised.  

·        Court throws out Global Warming suit by New York City against Big Oil Companies. They should have assessed attorneys’ fees.  

·        Apple is now offering options for Siri’s voice. I like the British one, but women may try the male Australian one.

·        Sad to see my alma mater, Vanderbilt, join the woke cancel crowd. I hope it severely impacts alumni donations.

·        Having a dinner party and can’t decide on dessert? Now, you have a new choice. Peanut Butter Whiskey. I’m holding out for Crème Brulee Whiskey.

·        Say what? They’re trying to cancel Barrack Obama? When the cancel crowd comes for the chosen one you know the circus is truly in town.

·        The teachers involved in this travesty should not only be fired, they should be prosecuted for child porn. Here is the NY Post article that has the clip.  

·        Mayor Beetlejuice Lightfoot attended a game at Wrigley Field and got a healthy round of Boos.

·        YouTube deleted 2.5 million “Dislikes” from Biden White House videos. My shocked face is getting a real workout these days. Proof.

·        More disturbing news from our Armed Forces. Many refusing to take new Physical Fitness test. Women failed the old one at an 84% rate.

·        Canadian pastor sends police on walk of shame. We need more reactions like this to the politicians grab for power. The Clip.

·        Coke has picked a fight and people are responding.

·        Most Beautiful High School Campuses in the U.S. Mine was #8. Should have been in top two or three.