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In The News for Monday, May 16, 2021
Posted May 15 2021 9:38PM

·       The Week In Pictures: Gas Mask Edition. From Energy independence for the first time in 50 years to gas shortages in four months. Quite an accomplishment.

·       Mask Mandates Are Crumbling. We may be seeing the “preference cascade” I talked about before.

·       On Friday we got an “unexpected” deterioration in Consumer Confidence.

Why might consumer confidence be slipping, “unexpectedly”? Maybe because of prices for basic goods rising faster than they have in many years. Maybe because unemployment remains stubbornly high, so that a re-run of Carter-era stagflation looks like a real possibility. Maybe because people are seeing lines of cars at gas stations. Maybe because major companies have prioritized being “woke” over serving their customers. And maybe because many millions of Americans think their president is non compos mentis.

·       This is serious! Kamala Harris worried that Biden will fully destroy America before she even gets a chance.

·       I’ve suggested that ridicule is a great tool for attacking the more ridiculous aspects of Wokeism and Political Correctness. Ammo Grrrll does a masterful job of taking on the CIA over its silly, woke ad.

·       True: We should all remember that Joe Biden has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. Long before his recent, painfully obvious mental decline he was a stone-cold dullard who was known for plagiarism and saying inappropriate things in public. His comment after the CDC said dispensing with masks was all right for those who have been vaccinated was, “The rule is simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.” The reaction to his comment was brutal on social media. Tucker Carlson’s comments. Here is what happened when he took the podium. Jan Psaki: “Don’t take questions.”    

·       It is a longshot, but there is a case in Georgia that could cause the Democrats some real problems if it proceeds to the point of discovery. Could this obscure legal case change control of the Senate?

·       The Big Lie isn’t that the election was stolen, it is the nonsense the left and the administration (but I repeat myself) is trying to promulgate that white supremacists are our top terror threat. Again, ridicule should be showered on anyone trying to push this narrative, like Merrick Garland. We’re seeing more and more what a disastrous supreme court justice he would have been.

·       More reasons to question Joe Biden’s cognitive health.

·       G.I. Jane versus Sergei the Soldier. A comparison of our woke U.S. Army recruitment ad and one for the Russian Army. You don’t have to understand Russian to get the message.

·       More evidence of Peak Insanity. There is no dearth of examples, unfortunately.

·       An island in a sea of wokeness. San Clemente, CA may be on the verge of becoming a 2A Sanctuary City.  

·       A good case study in media malfeasance that names names.

·       I’d like to see more states do the same thing. Texas advances bill targeting Bank of America and Citibank over Gun Policies. In related news, gun maker Troy Industries is relocating to Clarksville, TN from West Springfield, MA.

·       Some comments on the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline. The Administration’s response was totally feckless. The company reportedly paid a 5 million ransom in cryptocurrency.

·       I-40 traffic and more importantly barge traffic on the Mississippi River is at a standstill due to a huge crack in the Hernando de Soto bridge. The Coast Guard has closed the waterway. Almost 800 barges are backed up. The TDOT is investigating and a decision on whether or not to open the waterway should come in the next few days. Barges north of the bridge are loaded with corn and soybeans headed for the Gulf export facilities to be loaded on bulk carriers and shipped worldwide.

·       You can’t commit journalism here, this is a news website. The Intercept attacks Conservative journalists for reporting on violent Black Lives Matter riots.

·       A Tunnel To Far. The IDF apparently tricked Hamas terrorists to head for the tunnels and then destroyed the tunnel system, caving it in on them. In a related incident, the IDF bombed a building that housed Hamas as well as the Associated Press. The AP is indignant. “If AP did not know that Hamas was in the building, then they are incompetent reporters. If AP knew that Hamas was in the building but kept silent, then they are complicit. If AP comprehended that it would be used as a human shield, then it is a Hamas collaborator.”

·       The Argument for going Nuclear.  

·       Mountain Lions make themselves at home on woman’s porch in Rapid City, South Dakota. Looks like a great interior decorating opportunity to me.