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In The News for Monday, December 7, 2020
Posted Dec 07 2020 7:10AM

·        As usual, Ammo Grrrll nails it in her Friday column on PowerLine[JW1] .

·        Unbelievable evidence of blatant voter fraud continues to emerge at a seemingly increasing rate. The most recent revelations from Georgia clearly indicate unlawful activity and the Governor has finally called for a signature audit. The Republican legislatures in these states need to find their backbones and take action. After seeing the ballot stuffing video, the Governor has called for a signature audit.

·        If you don’t believe this election was overwhelmingly fraudulent, watch this six minute piece.

·        Federal court is fast tracking Sidney Powell’s request for a forensic exam of Dominion voting machines. She claims she had evidence of voter fraud on the biggest scale in world history. Her interview is worth listening to.

·        Project Veritas strips CNN naked.  

·        Governor, May I? must end. Enough already.

·        This isn’t the best news I’ve heard, lately. Biden says Fauci will be chief medical adviser. Calls for 100 days of mask wearing. There is, of course, no scientific evidence to support this.

·        Why is the left so quick with the racial slurs when someone doesn’t toe the party line? Miley Cyrus’ sister, whoever the hell that is, called Candace Owens a “Nappy A** H*. Why is an utterance by someone this insignificant even covered? Candace took off the kid gloves and went after her.

·        This wokerati has made Squawk Box almost unwatchable.

·        Rhodes Scholarship becomes laughingstock. Sad.

·        Some good news, regardless of the election outcome building the Wall will continue.

·        Tweet of the Week.

·        Criminals apparently haven’t been reading the news about the record gun sales that have been taking place.

·        Maybe France has finally had enough. 76 mosques face closure and 66 migrants deported.

·        Are Dem Senators trying to get a mask-wearing mandate included in the potential COVID-19 Relief package? It looks like it. I can pretty much guarantee that anything DaNang Dick Blumenthal and Ed Markey are for is not a good idea. He calls it a “moral imperative.” To remind you, there is no scientific evidence for the efficacy of mask-wearing.

·        This interview should have been done by the justice department following this communist’s arrest for treason.