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In The News for Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Posted Jan 03 2023 7:05AM

·        Rolling Stone Magazine names top 200 singers of all-time. Not even close in my opinion, but still interesting. They have Elvis at #17. I don’t think so. And I couldn’t even find Otis Day and the Knights.

·        Who knew? Paul Ehrlich is still alive. I remember his book from 1968 predicting famine. He’s still on the same sheet of music, despite being wrong for 55 years. There is a market for gloom and doom.

·        A Dose Of Sanity on climate hysteria. Dr. John Cristy is one of the world’s top experts on climate. And this: The Net Zero Road to Nowhere. From Watts Up With That?, an excellent blog on climate matters.

·        An interesting comment from John Hinderaker of Powerline on The Coming Crisis Of Federalism.

There are strong reasons for the states to re-assert their sovereignty, and, given how poorly our national government is performing, that can only be a good thing. Perhaps the prospect of disunion will concentrate the minds of the political class in Washington. Or perhaps disunion will become a reality, maybe sooner than we can now imagine. Either way, I think the issue of federalism will come to dominate our political debate before long.

·        If you’ve been following the George Santos story you may find it interesting how the Democrats seem to be immune to the same criticism being leveled at Mr. Santos. Peggy Noonan writes in the WSJ Why George Santos’s Lies Matter. Her column is answered by Francis Menton who takes a different angle in One of the all time worst political liars.

Menton proceeds to consider Senators Richard Blumenthal and Elizabeth Warren as well as President Biden. He titles his column “One of the all time worst political liars” and concludes: “[T]the remarkable thing is the extent to which the media protect and cover for conduct of Democrats that is far more egregious than what Santos has done, including criminal conduct in the case of our current President. In case you were wondering, the title of this post refers to Biden, not Santos.”

·        250 Years of Amazing Grace. The life story of John Newton, the author of what is arguably the world’s most beloved hymn.

ONE of the world’s most-loved hymns was first heard on this day 250 years ago. Amazing Grace was written by John Newton for a sermon he gave on New Year’s Day 1773 at the parish church of St Peter and St Paul in Buckinghamshire, where he was a curate.

There are several versions at the end of the article you might enjoy listening to.

·        An interesting article on men’s health. A Single Hormone in Men May Predict Their Future Health. INSL3 is the hormone.  

·        Finally, a court exercises some common sense. Hope it catches on. Federal Appeals Court backs Florida School District in transgender bathroom fight.

·        An interesting update on Truth Social. It has apparently been a rousing success for ex-President Trump. New Yori Times: Truth Social’s Influence Grows Despite Its Business Problems.

·        We’re likely to see more of this as people get progressively more fed up. Fed-Up Citizen Opens Fire on Looter in Buffalo – ‘Sick of Them.’ Here is the video.

·        Well, I can add another company to my permanent restricted list. Crocs  is now sponsoring Drag Queen Pedo Hour