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In The News for Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Posted Aug 09 2022 4:46AM

·        Around 7 PM last night something took place that I don’t believe has ever happened. The FBI raided a former president’s home, Mar-A-Lago, exercising a search warrant. There better be a real smoking gun, which no one believes, or the Rubicon has been crossed. My guess is that this will bring out voters in November who might not have voted but are determined that change has to be made. The early indications are that it involved the Presidential Records Act. If so, it is going to get very ugly. Without knowing more, my guess is that someone has badly miscalculated.

·        What’s Behind The Democrats’ IRS Expansion? Powerline has some ideas that are disquieting, and probably true. It’s interesting that the one feature of the bill, getting rid of carried interest, that might actually tax the rich was taken out in order to secure Sen. Sinema’s vote. Reduction Ad Absurdum.

    The political news of the day is the passage of the shove-it-down-your-throat absurdity of the Inflation Reduction Act. What this country needs is a vastly expanded Internal Revenue Service! (said no sane man or woman ever).

   There is much more to be said and much more to come. I leave the subject this morning with the true question posed by the Inflation Reduction Act. Is the Democrats’ profound faith in the stupidity of the American people inflated or will it be vindicated in the midterm elections at which the bill is aimed?

·        Have price controls ever worked? That’s another aspect of the fraudulent Inflation Reduction Act.  

·        An eclectic and very interesting group of charts. The Geek In Pictures.

·        An interesting confirmation of the shift in the Hispanic vote from a poll not known for leaning conservative. The CBS/YouGov poll from last week has some figures that ought to shake the Dems to their boots.