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In The News for Friday, April 9, 2021
Posted Apr 08 2021 6:19PM

·       The Geek in Pictures. Some very interesting charts in this week’s edition.

·       If you are white, you might want to reconsider your desire to go to Princeton. You are at a distinct disadvantage in the admissions process.

·       I think Stephen Kruiser nailed it. “Democrats are lying and the Republicans are the Republicans are bad people if they point that out.” Infrastructure and the Dems’ Concussed Commie Fever Dream.

·       Jen Psaki’s answer to why Kamala is visiting a bakery instead of the border. “She is “allowed a snack.” Psaki is so far over her head she may never see daylight. Meanwhile, Biden’s “border czar” is A.W.O.L. How about putting someone capable in charge?

·       I’m sure the media will be all over this story. Unearthed E-Mails Place Hunter Biden at West Wing Meeting with then VP Biden and Burisma Board Partner Devon Archer. Look for it to be the lead story on CNN, CBS et. al. Sure.

·       Haven’t been making fun of AOC lately because she is pretty insignificant in terms of any impact she really has. This, however, just reinforces what a pluperfect dolt she really is.

·       $87 million no-bid contract to business with Biden ties. Leadership includes member of Biden transition team. Wonder how the press would treat this if the name were Trump instead of Biden. I think we know the answer to that. As the old saying goes, if it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Or a Groucho said, “These are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others.”

·       It is absolutely time for every Republican to be screaming at the top of their lungs for the occupation of the Capitol to end. It is nothing but political theater.

The rest of the Republican Party must join with Gaetz and Boebert in demanding an end to the phony war around the U.S. Capitol. If they must, they should consider going further. Republicans should refuse to meet in a Congress that is occupied by a military force meant to terrorize their own supporters. A political party is only worthy of support when it looks out for the interests of its voters and of the country. And right now, by accepting the gross military occupation of the Capitol, most Republicans are doing neither.

·       ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?! There aren’t going to be any U-Haul trucks left in NYC. New York Times: New York will offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost work during the pandemic. How sane New Yorkers are reacting. There are Red pills and Blue pills and then there are just plain Crazy pills.  

·      Dying to see this movie. My Son Hunter[JW2] .

·       The Wall Street Journal had an article, How Bidenomics Seeks to Remake the Economic Consensus. A long-time friend of mine wrote the author the following letter which he agree to let me share. It is succinct and spot on.

Your article is a good overview of comparing economic truths to the new theories espoused by the left wing of the Democratic Party.  Your explanation for these new views however misses the mark.  You state that the "Democratic base has moved left, energized by inequality, climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as by Mr. Trump and the Republican's Party's rightward shift." 

The radicalization of American politics well preceded Trump's emergence on the political stage and was evidenced in some of the policies of the Obama Administration, and the Wall Street protests.  The stage was set by two primary phenomena.  The takeover of education by teacher's unions in public schools and a far-left academy in the Universities.  This was gradual and pre-dated Trump by decades.  The second was a massive wave of immigration altering demographics, culture, and importing economic views alien to the United States.  The Republican Party did not undertake a "rightward shift" as you describe so much as everything moved dramatically left. What you now characterize as a "rightward shift" was actually the old mainstream center.  Trump cut regulations and taxes and reaffirmed and insisted upon fair free trade.  These do not represent a "rightward" shift but a rededication to traditional American values.

·       An update on the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis. I’ve been following it closely, and most of the commentary seems to be that a conviction would be a complete travesty based on the evidence and facts. Here is Powerline’s update. Some of the best coverage is the daily coverage from Legal Insurrection’s site. “I ate too many drugs.” As Ann Coulter points out, “Apparently, no one is watching the trial…Otherwise the media couldn’t get away with their spectacular lying to the public about how the prosecution is killing it.”

·       Good news on the academic front. Professor refused to take mandatory diversity training. His university backed down. A case where someone stood up and the bullies backed down.

·       Kudos to Charles Barkely. Some sanity injected into the fake narrative being pushed by the media and Democrats. Draymond Green had some comments on women’s soccer whiner Meghan Rapinoe. Both triggered the left. Draymond’s comments reminded me of this meme.

Women's Basketball.png

·       Update on MLB moving All-Star game. As I said yesterday, faux governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, is backpedaling like crazy. She is being given credit for making it happen.  

·       Pennsylvania has agreed to remove about 21,000 dead people from its voter rolls before the general elections this year. Talk about voter suppression. Democrats are not happy to see one of their major voting blocs disenfranchised.

·       I find it interesting that there hasn’t been one single “me too” accuser show up accusing Matt Gaetz of anything, unlike Cuomo and others who have been accused of improprieties involving inappropriate behavior with women. The women in his office even spoke out in his favor.

·       The media finally seems to be giving up their bald-faced lie that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation now that they managed to not report on it during the election campaign and it can’t cost them voters. Polls indicate that about 10% of Biden voters would have switched their vote if they had known about this.

·       The Idaho state legislature has done what a lot of other states should do. It refused to pass the state’s proposed higher education budget because of concerns about the promotion by the state’s colleges and uni[JW3] versities of a “social justice” agenda and the teaching of critical race theory. The vote was 13-57, fairly lopsided.

·       Just what we need…more lawyers. Bar exams may soon be easier to pass as states eye changes. The reason for the changes is to address “racial diversity” problems. Maybe they should let United Airlines manage it.

·       Update on the 60 Minutes debacle. The network is fighting back. 60 Minutes Releases Exclusive Secret Photos of Ron DeSantis Clubbing Baby Seals With Hitler.

·       A great WWII story. The Forger From Berne. Polish Vice Consul in Berne, Konstanty Rokicki save thousands of Jews with forged passports.

·       Lastly, Texas gets back to normal. Will go back to shooting people wearing masks on the assumption they are stagecoach robbers.