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In The News for Friday, July 22, 2022
Posted Jul 22 2022 6:54AM

·        ON THE ONE HAND, THIS IS ENTIRELY TRUE. On the other hand, NeverTrump Republicans, heavily represented at National Review, told us that this geriatric incompetent was indisputably a better choice than Trump, who was neither geriatric nor incompetent. What’s more, this was a view rooted largely in aesthetics, class loyalty, and self-importance. Everything that has gone wrong in the Biden era was predictable, and in fact was predicted, by those not blinded by Trump-hatred. – Glenn Reynolds

·        Founder of The Weather Channel tells Mr. Potato Head, Brian Stelter, climate change is a hoax. Listen to this guy and tell me he doesn’t make perfectly rational sense.

·        Another good guy with a gun story from St. Charles, MO. New York Times inadvertently makes case for more concealed carry.

The evidence shows that an armed citizen is more likely to stop a mass shooting than any of the policies being advocated by Democrats.

·        So Biden Has Covid. Some good points.

So it is fitting for Biden’s own contracting of the disease to provide a coda to a shameless story of political opportunism and press malpractice.

I seem to recall that a year ago Joe Biden said the vaccinated cannot get COVID. I don’t know anyone who had gotten it that hasn’t been vaccinated. I also don’t know anyone who didn’t get vaccinated who has gotten it.

Of course, The Babylon Bee couldn’t let it pass. “Vice President Harris has responded by preparing an inauguration speech and changing curtains in the oval office.”

·        A truly horrifying sense of déjà vu. Former Clinton advisor says Hillary will run again. It’s Dick Morris, though, and his recent record isn’t one to brag about.

·        A strong majority of Americans favor a constitutional amendment that further limits federal government spending and control. I hope they all make it to the polls in November.

·        Don’t look for “Dr.” Jill to bolster Slow Joe’s poll numbers. Hers have fallen 24 points.   

·        Newt is a pretty smart guy but it’s too early to get cocky. The GOP’s Coming U.S. Senate Landslide.

·        Go figure. Apparently, Americans Want Oil.