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In The News for Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Posted Sep 28 2021 7:54AM

·       The Biden Administration ‘Fesses Up. And possibly, an indication of the return of Chris Wallace to journalism. …Most Americans have caught on, and the Biden administration’s open border policy is hugely unpopular with voters. I, personally, will not vote for anyone who hasn’t been vocal in their criticism. Their behavior borders on criminal. I’d say it crosses the line into criminality.

·       Do they really think we’re this stupid? Of course they do.

·       Does China Rule The World? China produces about half the steel in the world. They also process about 40% of the global copper supply, 50% of global lithium supply and over 80% of rare earth metals.

·       Claims of an Insurrection continue to evaporate. The FBI narrative is imploding. Anyone with an ounce of common sense has known this whole narrative was never anything but something ginned up by the media and hack politicians.  

·       Of course, we all innately knew this. Food myths busted: dairy, salt and steak may be good for you after all.  

·       Abolish the FBI. Wall Street Journal headline. Clearly a thorough house-cleaning is called for.

·       Number of people shot in Chicago continues to outpace COVID cases. 62, yes 62, shot over weekend.