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In The News for Monday, April 26, 2021
Posted Apr 26 2021 6:53AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Knife & Razor Edition[JW1] 

 Socialism.png  Lumber.png

·       There is no good argument in favor of D.C. statehood. Not one. The D.C. Statehood Gambit. It is, of course, unconstitutional, but that never seems to worry Democrats. House Dems pass HR51 – an assault on Constitution.

·       Private enterprise at its finest. SpaceX just launched its third astronaut mission in less than a year.

·       Government Funded Race Hatred: Education Department Proposal Would Flood Public Schools With Woke Curricula. It is child abuse for parents to sit back and let this happen.

·       PERSONALLY? I’M BUYING NONE:  37 Percent of Polled American Respondents Are Buying Less Coca-Cola Products. From Sarah Hoyt on Instapundit. I live in Chattanooga, TN where great wealth was created when John T. Lupton bought the rights to bottle Coca-Cola from Asa Candler, the Atlanta druggist who formulated the syrup. Until Coca-Cola began to buy up the bottlers, virtually all of the Coca-Cola bottlers were owned by Chattanoogans. My late father’s law firm was formed to handle the Lupton interests. I never envisioned a time when I could possibly boycott Coke.  

·       But we’re sure they’ll get it right this time. Sure. History confirms Democrat’s 1988 Senate Global Warming Hearing got everything wrong from start to finish.

·       Politico instructs reporters not to call the Border Crisis a Crisis.

·       Gee, I wonder why this is happening? Democrat-controlled cities are having trouble recruiting people to join their police forces. Hardly a surprising development. Polls show that the majority of Americans are worried about the level of anti-police rhetoric.

·       A move in the wrong direction. Virginia moves to eliminate all accelerated Math classes before 11th grade in the name of “equality.” Great idea. Let’s teach to the lowest common denominator and penalize our most intelligent and motivated students.

·       Tweet of the Week: Customs seizes lumber being smuggled in Cocaine.   

·       Our Buffoon-In-Chief held a virtual Climate Change Summit. See if you can tell who is the only one wearing a mask. He obviously doesn’t want to catch the electronic version of COVID.

·       “Dangerous” 2020 election audit? I guess it depends on your point of view. Rachel Maddow is against it which is all I need to know.

·       I think the issue of illegal immigration is going to figure heavily in the 2022 elections. The Biden Administration has cancelled fines for illegals who fail to leave.

·       An interesting development in the court packing dialogue. There is a growing bipartisan movement for a constitutional amendment.

·       Border Czar Kamala Harris gets her geography mixed up, visits New Hampshire.

·       Can we be more of a laughingstock internationally? Let’s try this. Why don’t we fly the LGBT flag at our embassies below the Stars & Stripes?

·       I’m seeing more and more clips on Rumble as people flee woke media.

·       This kind of stuff just keeps coming out[JW2] . History will compare the actions of our feckless politicians and medical bureaucracy to the Dutch Tulipmania.

·       An interesting interview with Tucker Carlson. Want to know what he really thinks? He’s triggered.

·       Sick of Black Lives Matter? Something tells me she isn’t alone. A white lecturer in creative writing at SUNY Buffalo State College told her students “So am I sick of talking about Black Lives Matter. All Right? I said it.” Naturally, she is under investigation.

·       More good news for our beleaguered military. Biden nominates “transgender” retired Navy Commander as secretary of Defense for readiness.  We are in a world of hurt.

·       Another iconic brand makes my personal restricted list. Levi Strauss CEO Condemns GA Voter ID Law-Can’t Explain Why It’s Racist.