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In The News for Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Posted Jul 02 2019 8:00AM

·        Former California Assembly Speaker, and former boyfriend of Kamala Harris, Willie Brown, wasn’t impressed with any of the candidates who unloaded from the Democratic Clown Car for the debates. “Bad news for Democrats – none of these candidates can beat Trump…Trump must have enjoyed every moment and every answer [in the Democratic debates], because he now knows he’s looking at a bunch of potential rivals who are still not ready for prime time.” It appeared that the candidates made a conscious choice to make President Trump seem like the sane adult in the room by their absolutely insane positions on issues that go clearly against what polls indicate voters want. Democrat officials insist there is no sense of panic and everything is under control.

·        Great cover from the New York Post the day after the debates.

·        As Winston Churchill famously said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” Portland’s version of the Nazi brownshirts were beating citizens over the weekend while the police stood by and the mayor sat on his hands. I suspect we’re getting ready to see the pendulum start to swing in response to these cowards who think they can hide behind masks and hoodies. I’d suggest they try it somewhere like Texas or Tennessee instead of the People’s Republic of Portland. There are 18 small metal reasons (15-round clip and a plus 2 extension plus one chambered) why their tactics won’t work on a lot of folks I know. It’s time to put a stop to this anarchy and targeting of innocent citizens. If my response sounds a bit harsh, it’s because I am totally fed up with the lack of consequences for unlawful behavior. Attorney Harmeet Dhillon had a warning for the criminals involved in the beating of Any Ngo. Sen. Ted Cruz is seeking federal action against the mayor of Portland. Surprisingly (?) journalists have often been cheerleaders for these troglodytes. I’m of the opinion that anyone wearing a black mask or bandana over their face in public should be immediately maced unless they are five years old and wearing a cowboy hat, chaps and a Mattel Fanner-50.

·        You gotta love the irony of Donna Brazile’s comment that Biden’s advisers should have prepared him better for Kamala Harris debate challenge. You’ll remember that she helped Hillary prepare for a similar debate by slipping her the questions in advance.

·        Seasoned political operator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AKA Occasional-Cortex, warns that Democrats will lose to Trump if Biden is nominee. With her rising fame among the ultra left-wing faction of the party, they’re going to have a tough time not giving her a speaking slot at the Democratic Convention. Am I ever looking forward to that. As Steven Hayward of PowerLine says, “Please, please give AOC a prime speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention next year. I’ve got a huge futures position in popcorn that I need to pay off.”