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In The News for Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Posted Apr 26 2022 7:19AM

·        Ron DeSantis is approaching Rock Star status. He just signed a bill forming an election Police unit to protect voter integrity and investigate fraud. Ballot Harvesting is now a third-degree felony.

·        I met Michael Ramirez when he was hired by the Memphis Commercial Appeal to be its Editorial Cartoonist. It was quickly apparent that he was destined for bigger things. He went on to the LA Times and Investors Business Daily. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner and just received an award from the Overseas Press Club in New York.

·        So, just how crazy and demented can things get? The University of Waterloo in Canada may give us a clue. Identity Politics Meets Its Waterloo. Straight, white males need not apply.

·        Ron Klain, White House daycare minder, want the rats to get back on the sinking ship.  Meanwhile, more and more of them are swimming for shore.

·        Elon Musk’s SpaceX will begin providing Hawaiian Airlines passengers with free WiFi service through Starline as early as next year. Ultimately, SpaceX could cause real problems for cable internet providers and potentially bring prices down. Faster, please.

·        Santa Rosa County, Florida sheriff Bob Johnson is on record saying that residents are “more than welcome to shoot” intruders. “Hopefully, you’ll save the taxpayers money.” I’m guessing he’ll be easily re-elected.   

·        Wonder why they don’t give Joe more access to the press. Watch this. Absolutely hilarious. Watch the guy over his left shoulder just crack up.