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In The News for Monday, October 25, 202`1
Posted Oct 25 2021 6:00AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Supply Chain Edition

·       The nickname “Slow Joe” isn’t a recent phenomenon. In his prime Joe Biden was never a towering intellect and we aren’t anywhere near his prime. Over half of those polled by Rasmussen recently think that he is not in the driver’s seat an are not confident that he is physically or mentally up to the job of being President of the United States. The press, of course, continue to try and portray Biden as being in charge. The poor regard they are held in by most Americans will only deteriorate further as more and more catch on.[JW2] 

·       Biden’s CNN Town Hall was a ratings disaster, which the Democrats should be glad of since more people didn’t see the train wreck.

·       Biden at the border. Really? Lies just slip off his tongue with ease and regularity. Psaki, of course, has to find ways to spin them[JW3] .  

·       I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but the major networks don’t seem to be covering the Biden implosion in the polls. It makes their sycophancy hard to cover up.

·       From GWU Law Professor and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley: Biden family corruption is an elephant the media works to ‘disappear.’ It’s another reason the media is held in such low esteem. People have figured it out.

·       Film Industry insiders and media have been doing their best to cover up what everyone[JW4]  knows anyway. The Fauci movie was a gigantic flop.

·       The “science” is settled, you say? Antarctica Chills With Coldest Winter on Record. Are you starting to figure out that this isn’t about “science?”

·       Well, this should be interesting. Trump announces Trump Media and Technology Group and ‘Truth Social’ Media Platform.

·       We’re not supposed to laugh at this nonsense. Good luck.

·       Gas prices in California town hit $7.59 a gallon. Gas  Buddy can knock it down to only $7.34 a gallon.

·       Transformative news on the medical front. This could potentially transform the organ donation pipeline. Surgeons transplanted a pig kidney into a person, and it worked like normal. The recipient said the only side effect was that he teared up whenever he passed a barbeque joint. Have to give the late Lewis Grizzard credit for that line. He had a porcine heart stent put in and that was his comment. I think it is in his book, Elvis is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good, Myself.

·       I’m betting this has something to do with the out of control level of illegal immigration. Largest Food Stamp increase in history.

·       Georgia gets the last laugh. The Braves are in the World Series.

·       Lindsey Graham, “The Arlen Specter of the South” Strikes Again. He needs a good primary opponent.