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In The News for Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Posted Feb 10 2021 8:01AM

·       Joe Biden puts the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of Americans. Joe Biden creates a crisis at the border. Every state needs to sue for injunctive relief. I know you must find it comforting to know that illegals convicted of crimescy will not be prioritized for deportation. They should be prioritized for jail, no bond, and then upon completion of their sentence placed in a circus cannon and shot over the Rio Grande.

·       Some thoughts from Scott Johnson on the farcical impeachment. All you need to know is that the thoroughly compromised Eric Swalwell is one of the House managers.

·       I love the way Gov. DeSantis responds to the wokerati. Never apologize and ridicule them.

·       Another disaster in the making courtesy of our new administration. Biden asks 56 Trump-appointed U.S. Attorneys to step down. When Bush fired 7 it was a “major scandal”. LOL. Now that Biden has bested him by 8X, the press doesn’t even seem to notice.

·       If you watched the Super Bowl you probably saw Tyrann Mathieu of the Chiefs trash talk Tom Brady and then Brady respond. Mathieu tweeted that Brady “called me something I won’t repeat…” obviously inferring that it was something racial. Upon learning that Brady was miked up, Mathieu deleted his tweet.

·       The ACLU put out “Myths and Facts” about transgender athletes. It was quickly debunked. How did we ever get to this level of crazy?

·       Not sure if I’ve commented on BLM’s nomination for a Nobel “mostly” Peace Prize. Simply incredible!

·       A very interesting piece with a few very good bon mots from George Schultz. In case you think the media has only recently gone insane, this is about the ABC program The Day After that was broadcast during the Reagan administration as the media had the vapors over Reagan’s ultimately successful pressuring of the Soviet Union that caused its implosion.  

·       Wonder why this kind of footage never seems to make the nightly news? Yea, really. I think we all know the answer to that question. It would destroy the narrative and make the “insurrection” at the Capitol look like a fraternity panty raid gone bad. Our legacy media is essentially worthless, and judging by how they poll most Americans have figured it out.