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In The News for Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Posted Jan 06 2020 8:35PM

·        Some good advice from one of their own. Ricky Gervais to Hollywood warning award recipients not to make political speeches when accepting awards: “You’re in no position to give advice to the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.…If you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and then **** off.” He went on to add, “If ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent, wouldn’t you?” Rob Reiner couldn’t be reached for comment. As Scott Johnson said, the faces of the audience looked like those in the audience at the beginning of Springtime for Hitler in Mel Brooks The Producers. Here’s the whole monologue. It was great!

·        This is hilarious and as it should be. Babylon Bee article on Dems and Soleimani has more social media engagement than the top articles from NYT or CNN have in an ENTIRE WEEK. It has become the paper of record. Not sure this is satire. The Babylon Bee Editorial Board Calls On All Of Washington To Resign. Wokescolds are having a tough time worrying that people don’t realize the Babylon Bee is a satirical site. “The problem isn’t that people can’t recognize satire. It’s that the media can’t recognize its own blatant bias.”

·        Gen. David Petraeus comments on the Soleimani airstrike from Face the Nation: ‘This is Bigger Than Bin Laden’ and Baghadadi’s Death. In his statement following the strike, Petraeus said, “The decision to take him out was absolutely the right one…You don’t bargain with evil if you can eliminate it. That’s exactly what America did.” Good article in The Western Journal.  

·        Interesting comments from Ray Takeyh, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Born in Iran, taught at the National War College and advised the Obama administration on Iran.

·        Breaking: Iran Ends Commitment to Nuclear Deal It Never Abided By in The First Place. The deal was put in place in July 2015 and has been an unmitigated disaster since. Why is doesn’t matter. “Saying that Iran is cooperating with the IAEA is like saying Rod Blagojevich was an honest politician.”

·        Trump’s Sin: Conducting Foreign Policy Without Permission. Pretty much sums up the reaction from the resistance. As someone said, the media and the TDS crowd are sitting around breathing their own exhaust fumes.

·        Trump is quietly winning bigly at the border. “Wait in Mexico” seems to be working. Meanwhile, the Wall is being built about a mile per day.

·        History would indicate that Aerospace & Defense stocks tend to outperform the S&P 500 in the six months following a Middle East crisis.

·        Greta Thunberg isn’t getting the treatment she needs, she’s become a climate-change muppet whose strings are being pulled by adults with an agenda.

Sure enough, reading a little about her, we find that she's an Asperger's child (I guess this month that's now called "high-functioning autism"), she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, she stopped eating for months and still refuses to eat anything but certain specific things, in particular, a dish of pancakes filled with rice — but her OCD keeps her from eating if there's a sticker or label on the package. She suffers from "selective mutism", which means basically that there are situations in which she's unable to speak.

·        As I’ve pointed out on several occasions, President Trump is a master at pulling the Dem’s chains and making them bark at will. He has told them that he will inform them by Tweet if he strikes against Iran. They are so mad they are twitching uncontrollably and stuttering. Meanwhile, in an indelibly clear message, the President said yesterday, “Iran will never have a nuclear weapon.” That’s a pretty clear message. I’m betting that a lot of employees at Iran’s nuclear facilities are inquiring about the possibility of working from home.

·        Not to be outdone when it comes to trolling the TDS crowd, Don, Jr. showed off his new clip for his AR-15.

·        How comforting. Michael Moore tore himself away from Krispy Kreme long enough to tweet the Ayotollah to please go easy on us until he can get President Trump out of office in 2020. Good luck on that one Jabba.  

·        Soleimani’s remains were taken back to Iran flying coach class aboard a Mahan Air Flight rather than in the cargo hold, along with others killed in the same attack. Apparently, legroom wasn’t an issue.

·        I saw this article on CNBC’s web site. An example of the perfect answer to the interview question ‘Tell me about yourself,’ according to Yale experts.  It’s not bad, but it pales in comparison to this one that I remembered seeing a few years ago on a college application. Now this is a guy you want on your team.

·        This week’s update on the Democratic Presidential Clown Car.

Finally, how’s this for a show of force?