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In The News for Monday, September 12, 2022
Posted Sep 11 2022 4:02PM

·        Piers Corbyn is a British astrophysicist and founder of Weather Action. He was interviewed on BBC to comment on the recent heat wave and it didn’t go quite as planned. It’s absolutely hilarious!

·        Blueprint For Malarkey. Holy Cow! These people really do think we’re stupid. On Friday the White House released the “Biden-Harris Economic Blueprint.”

   The latest Biden victory lap is the administration’s most shameless strutting of 2022. The White House Friday issued a 58-page Biden-Harris Economic Blueprint that claims to have performed more miracles than accompanied the Sermon on the Mount.

   Biden is still trying to take credit for job growth that happened only because of the end of lockdowns. In fact, his “success” is really a failure — as fewer people are working now than before COVID.

   It’s just one of the many whoppers packed into this ridiculous piece of propaganda[.]

CLAIM: “The Administration has taken critical steps forward in…improving our immigration system.” What? WHAT?

FACT: The administration has effectively opened the southern borders, enabling millions of illegal immigrants to enter the nation and begin collecting federal benefits. Biden and most of the nation’s media have ignored the resulting chaos in Texas, Arizona and other states.

James Bovard has a thorough takedown in the New York Post. Biden’s economic victory lap is 58 pages of malarkey.

·        ‘Unethical’ and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease: Top Scientists Publish Paradigm -Shifting Study About COVID-19 Vaccines. Bad stuff just keeps coming out now that the social media sites can no longer censor it. I believe people at some of the big pharma companies should be jailed along with bureaucrats who lied to the public and caused untold harm to our society.

A team of nine experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other top universities has published paradigm-shifting research about the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and why mandating vaccines for college students is unethical.

·        Unfortunately, Joe Manchin doesn’t face reelection until 2024, but it is encouraging that West Virginia voters seem to be paying attention.

·        Susan Vass, a former comedienne, writes a weekly blog post for Powerline every Friday that is usually a bitingly humorous comment of something in our society or political firmament. I’ve linked to her piece in the past when I though she hit a particular nail on the head. Last Friday was no exception, but what I really enjoyed was her response from a few years ago when Hillary referred to a lot of us as “deplorables.” Creative name calling at its best.

“Hillary, you basket case of incompetence, lies, and incompetent lying; you burping Tupperware container of influence peddling, fee gouging and charity fraud; you rasping, coughing, plus-size pants suit of prevarication; you muffin-top of mendacity; you boring bin of dingbattery who sold a quarter of our uranium to Putin; you pathetic, insecure woman whose major claim to historic import is being born with female genitalia: SHUT UP!”


·        Wonder who the bright procurement officer responsible for this is. F-35 deliveries halted over a Chinese alloy, Pentagon says.

·        You wouldn’t know this if you depend on the mainstream media for your news. Last year over 1 million used firearms to protect themselves.

·        Just how screwed up is Jackson, MS? Pretty bad thanks to an unbroken string of Democrat mayors who were incompetent.

·        Hats off to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama who severed diplomatic relations with Iran and gave them 24 hours to get out of town. Related: Israel has released the readout from Mossad’s meetings in Washington this week:

"During the meetings, the Director of the Mossad presented sensitive intelligence materials, and emphasized that Israel will not be able to stand idly by while #Iran continues to deceive the world."