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In The News for Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Posted Mar 23 2021 9:02PM

·       An excellent article about the woes of the woke media. Woke Media Becomes Broke Media. Freddie DeBoer, a card-carrying member of the far left media had a very on point take.

In the span of a decade or so, essentially all professional media not explicitly branded as conservative has been taken over by a school of politics that emerged from humanities departments at elite universities and began colonizing the college educated through social media. Those politics are obscure, they are confusing, they are socially and culturally extreme, they are expressed in a bizarre vocabulary, they are deeply alienating to many, and they are very unpopular by any definition. The vast majority of the country is not woke, including the vast majority of women and people of color. How could it possibly be healthy for the entire media industry to be captured by any single niche political movement, let alone one that nobody likes? Why does no one in media seem willing to have an honest, uncomfortable conversation about the near-total takeover of their industry by a fringe ideology?

And the bizarre assumption of almost everyone in media seems to have been that they could adopt this brand of extreme niche politics, in mass, as an industry, and treat those politics as a crusade that trumps every other journalistic value, with no professional or economic consequences. They seem to have thought that Americans were just going to swallow it; they seem to have thought they could paint most of the country as vicious bigots and that their audiences would just come along for the ride.


·       Joe Biden as a character on Gilligan’s Island. C’Mon Now!

·       Feckless Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the disparity between how the National Guard was treated compared to the thousands of illegal immigrants flooding our Southern border and didn’t have a coherent answer.

·       Stephen Kruiser has Decided to Be Nicer While Being Mean to Joe Biden. Wickedly funny and on target.

·       Cry me some big ole crocodile tears. CNN loses 45% of primetime audience in just five weeks.

·       As Pelosi tries to steal back a seat lost in Iowa in a very close election, even some of her own party are pushing back.

·       What the? This is unhinged even for this vapid fake. Kamala eBlaughs when asked if she has any plans to visit the Southern border. Crisis? What crisis?

·       More good news from our military. The Army announces gender-specific fitness test score percentiles after women’s high fail rates on gender-neutral test. I have no problem with that as long as these women are not in training for non-combat positions.

·       Inquiring minds would like to know. How did Susan Rice Make As Much As $49 million? Public Service can be very lucrative. Biden, is of course a great example.

·       We have the tools if we can field troops that are woke enough to man them. Special Forces: 4 Most Deadly Weapons Of War. Meanwhile, Russia unveils new tank, the Armata T-14.

·       So Russia is weighing in on Vaccine Passports as a possible violation of human rights.

·       Look to Chile as an example of how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I didn’t realize just how bad the socialists and Marxists had reversed Chile’s success.

·       The Wokerati couldn’t wait to condemn white supremacy following the horrific shootings in Colorado. Had they waited just a bit they might not look like such idiots. He was actually a Syrian immigrant named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa who reportedly had ISIS sympathies. Never mind.  Here is a thread of all those condemning the “white supremacist” killer. These people are pathetic wokescold losers. It’s just more evidence that we are approaching the apex of Peak Insanity. The leftist all rushed to delete their hasty Tweets.

·       It’s sad that she didn’t have the guts to stand up. I think we can write her off as a potential candidate on the national stage. I had high hopes for her.

·       Apparently, my post on Cigna yesterday was on target. Here is more. Remember, you have choices. There are a lot of other carriers.

·       You just know that when the New York Times gets the clammy damps over a satire site like Babylon Bee, the satire site is on target. The feud continues and the New York Times is not getting the best of it