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In The News for Friday, October 1, 2021
Posted Oct 01 2021 7:11AM

·       A simply unbelievable statement from “Circle Back” Psaki. These people are disgusting liars who continue to think we are stupid and don’t realize we see through their perfidy.

·       Liberal Hypocrisy: Chapter 12, 186. The First Law of Liberal of Hypocrisy: When liberals don’t get their way, let’s change the rules until they do.

·       Reconcile This. To get from $3.5 trillion, which is a conservative estimate, to $2 trillion or lower which might be necessary to get the votes for passage, someone will have to be deprived of Christmas. One suggestion is unions. Meanwhile, Sen. Manchin calls $3.5 trillion spending bill “fiscal insanity.”    

·       Related: Pelosi may not have the votes to pass the infrastructure bill. It was scheduled for a vote on Thursday, but she is indicating she will try to get it done today. It looks like it might get at most about a dozen Republican votes, but the real problem is that a hardcore group of leftist Democrats are balking.  

·       The Most Dangerous Man In America. Gen. Milley is ambitious, incompetent, progressive, and wildly self-assured. He is a walking answer to the unasked question, “What if Jim Mattis were fat and dumb?” Byron York gets it right in his daily memo in the Washington Examiner. Milley’s Dishing. And lastly, this: Milley Promotes Himself. He should be tried and should have been fired some time ago. Joe is probably afraid of what he might say if he’s thrown under the bus.  

·       Joe Biden’s nominee for the nation’s top banking regulator, leading the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, received a scholarship named for Vladimir Lenin. Originally from Kazakhstan, Saule Omarove graduated in 1989 from Moscow University. Is this where we’re headed? For crying out loud, isn’t anyone around Slow Joe paying attention? Or perhaps that’s the problem. More insanity coming from this administration.  

·       Just how bad is inflation? Pretty bad. Have you noticed Bacon prices lately? It is the most expensive in 40 years. It’s time we took to the streets.

·       Want a good example of our fiscal condition that anyone should be able to understand? Try this[JW1] .

·       An interesting new poll from Morning Consult puts a Democrat talking point to the sword. “Contrary to Democratic talking points, a significant plurality of the public thinks that it’s actually too easy to vote, leading to the possibility of votes being cast illegally. Perhaps it’s a positive sign that the cable news networks’ influence isn’t quite as vast as they believe, because a lot of people simply aren’t buying what they’re selling.

·       Another gun manufacturer moves to a more welcoming state. Smith and Wesson is moving to Tennessee, which now ranks[JW2]  #1 for employment in the small arms and ammunition sector.

·       Another sports venue joins the Biden chant chorus. This time it was the Congressional Baseball Game where he was booed when he entered the stadium.

·       The perfect metaphor for the Biden presidency.

·        Some math you ought to be able to understand.