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In The News for Monday, May 3, 2021
Posted May 03 2021 7:10AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Narcolepsy Edition

·       I posted my survey of the streaming results of Biden’s talk on Friday. If you listened to these sycophants you wouldn’t have any idea that that the views of those watching were overwhelmingly negative for Biden and overwhelmingly positive to Sen. Scott’s rebuttal. This fawning adulation is what these nincompoops think is journalism.

·       Hope so. Big momentum for letting legal gun owners carry across state lines. A national reciprocity law would be nice. The[JW1]  GOP has introduced a bill

·       Team Biden’s major and perhaps only accomplishment so far. The Border Nightmare.

·       Amazing! Something is smelly here. Rudi Giuliani speaks about the 6AM search warrant served on him by 7 FBI agents. New York Times, Washington Post and NBC forced to retract false claims about Giuliani.

·       Memo to Dems. Here is what real “insurrection” looks like. Young Mr. Robinson will have four years to ponder his actions while residing in the Big House.

·       It’s starting and hopefully will build. I talked about a Preference Cascade the other day. Fed-parents take over school board, reverse mask mandate.

·       I met and became acquainted with Mike Ramirez when he joined the Memphis Commercial Appeal in the late eighties and was an immediate fan. He has gone on to become the premier editorial cartoonist in the U.S. This offering is spot on and is likely to become obvious when the 2022 elections roll around.


·       Incredible Stuff. In Search of Pelosi’s Laptop. What’s the point of a good raid if you don’t get to kick the door down?

·       See if you can get your arms around this ridiculousness. Ever heard of something being classified as “government speech?”  

·       Remembering the Bid Laden raid and Joe’s advice at the time, “Mr. President, my suggestion is don’t go.” Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill on shooting Osama bin Laden. “Osama bin Laden died scared s**tless. Hiding behind his wife.”

·       Is Coke rethinking Woke? They better be.

Glenn Reynolds: How to beat the woke: Never apologize, rally friend and punch back harder.

·       Laughter in the Gulag. Woke people are stupid and stupid people are funny. Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

·       This isn’t a good sign. Feds just launched a “Test Run” – Conservative Activist places on “No Fly List.” Could you be next? Of course you could. There is no check on their power as we descend further and further into the autocracy of the left and the swamp.

·       The myth of the “honorable rank and file.” A very interesting and scary article. It has the ring of truth to it. And this. FISA Court signs off on warrantless surveillance despite FBI’s ‘widespread violations.’

·       SNL snowflakes offered a ‘safe space’ if they’re too triggered to perform with Elon Musk.

·       A very good note to “60 Minutes” from a renowned Princeton Professor, Robbie George, responding to a request for an interview.

·       Some choice words on Cryptocurrencies from the inimitable Charlie Munger.

“I think I should say modestly that the whole damn development is disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization,” said Munger, a legendary investor in his own right.

·       Tennesse has a new distillery that is turning out award winning whiskey, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. Nathan “Nearest” Green was a former slave who taught a young Jack Daniel how to distill using the charcoal filtration process.

·       As Glenn Reynolds says, “The demand for white supremacy in America far exceeds the supply.”

·       Left wing professor placed on leave after berating a student’s paper that called police “heroes.” Should be fired and allowed nowhere near a classroom.

·       Sen. Bill Haggerty of Tennessee has introduced a bill to make tech companies be regulated common carriers. It is called the 21st Century FREE Speech Act. You know he is on the right track by looking at who is triggered.  

·       Good advice from Jordan Peterson. Don’t apologize if you

·       Bureaucrats at the CDC blocked a proven treatment that cost 60 cents a pill because they wanted nothing to impede the development of a vaccine. “It’s quite evident that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Woodcock and Dr. [Rick] Bright are responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths for causing this drug to pick up a bad name,” Dr. Hatfill said. Dr. Hatfill is an infectious disease expert and the author of Three Seconds Until Midnight.  

·       But I keep seeing polls from the Democratic media operatives telling me how popular he is. A plurality of voters deem Biden’s first 100 days a ‘Failure.’