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In The News for Friday, April 17, 2020
Posted Apr 17 2020 5:17AM

·       This doesn’t fit the narrative being flogged by the press and politicians and medical establishment, which means it’s probably fairly accurate. An Israeli Mathematician, Isaac-Ben Israel, in conjunction with a fellow professor has done a statistical analysis of the Wuhan Virus data and concluded that it peaks after about 40 days and declines to almost zero after 70 days. Dr. Gabi Barbash, in a bitter exchange, insisted that the death toll would have been far worse had Israel not taken the steps it did, but Professor Ben-Israel insisted that the numbers speak for themselves. You be the judge. So far, the sanest analysis of the data has been coming from non-medical professionals and certainly not from politicians or the press. We didn’t close gradually. We can reopen like we closed. So far, President Trump is bowing to the bureaucrats in unveiling a never-ending 3-phase program to end the shutdowns.

·       This article in the Tennessee Star points out just how bad some of the reporting and statistics have been. It makes the case that what we are looking at now is an epidemic and not a pandemic and that different measures are called for. Reopen movements seem to be springing up all over. Way too much power has been temporarily placed in the hands of politicians who have taken on an inflated sense of self-importance and it needs to be reined in as quickly as possible. Our hopefully brief experiment with totalitarianism needs to be ended quickly.

·       This piece by an Ivy League professor reprinted in Powerline is very good. Why Are We Needlessly Devastating Our Country?

·       The Payroll Protection Plan is out of money and Nancy Pelosi is refusing to allow a simple, clean bill to pass without trying to add in another $250 billion in unrelated spending. It’s the same type of hostage taking they did to delay the original bill and I hope they pay a heavy price for it in November. Nancy, of course, will be all right. During her career in Congress she has managed to amass a fortune estimated at about $100 million and as we know from her tone-deaf appearance on late-nite television, her $20,000+ freezers are packed with $12/pint ice cream.

·       Another reason to end the quarantines. Domestic Violence Soars Due to Lockdowns. Reminds me of the wife who called out to her husband in the next room and asked if he ever got stabbing pains in his chest like someone was poking a Voodoo doll of him with a pin? He replied, “No.” She responded, “How about now?”

·       If you had any doubt that withholding funds from WHO was a good idea, this should push you over the hump. WHO would like to restrict access to alcoholic beverages. And, as long as we are being honest with each other here, let’s admit that we are already sick of other Americans telling us what we can’t do or can’t have. I’m not at all in the mood to have a bunch of ChiCom water-carrying, UN offshoot eurotrash getting in between me and my craft beer while I’m Zoom-ing away my stay-at-home time with friends and family.

·       Recent declassifications show Durham is Democrats’ worst nightmare. This is a must read. As the old pun goes, it looks like the fit may hit the Shan. My sentiments.

·       Despite the hysterical denials by our clueless “journalists” and “news” commentators, the evidence is mounting that the Wuhan Virus originated in China’s level 4 lab in Wuhan. The nearest colony of Horseshoe Bats is about 600 miles away and it is highly unlikely that it flew that far and landed in someone’s soup. That particular lab had come in for criticism a few years ago for its sloppy security. Tom Cotton looks more and more as if he got it right. Idiots like Fareed Zakaria and Brian Williams were quick to make fun of Tom, when in fact neither one of them had any idea what they were talking about. Of course, that never stops either of those two.