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In The News for Friday, March 16, 2021
Posted Apr 15 2021 8:05PM

·       I had the Moderna vaccine so maybe I’m done. I’m sure the jury is still out. The CEO of Pfizer said yesterday that those who had the Pfizer vaccine might need a third shot within 12 months and possibly annually.

·       United Doubles Down on Wokeness.

·       Climate Change Checkup. The data just doesn’t fit the narrative.

·       Coca-Cola may be trying to walk back their wokeness quotient after pressure from the right. Keep it up. Their remarks were less confrontational but fall short of what I’d like to see by way of an outright apology. They’re still on my personal restricted list.

·       You may or may not be aware of what happened to ‘Papa John’ Schnatter, the founder and former CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. He was viciously and falsely attacked for racism and forced out of his company. He is suing and I hope he winds up obliterating the PR firm that orchestrated his downfall.  

·       A little late. Over half of unaffiliated voters think cheating affected the results of the presidential election. 74% of Republicans think that and even 30% of Democrats. Voters say election fraud is a problem.

·       The Coming Backlash. I think we are seeing some early signs of it and it will build.

·       White liberals in the Democratic Party are causing Black voters and Hispanic voters to move across the aisle in increasing numbers.

·       CNN crew attacked and driven out of Brooklyn Center by rioters. Since it doesn’t fit their narrative, they didn’t cover it.  

·       Guatemala: “We have no idea what Biden and Harris are talking about.” That’s fair, neither do they.

·       Leave it to the Irish to do the important research. Irish doctoral candidate Fionnan O’Connor is trying to revive rare spirits made using old-time methods. He describes himself as a whiskey lover “since I was old enough to drink.” In Ireland I think that coincides with puberty.

·       Kristen Clarke lied under oath. She should never, ever be confirmed.

·       So how is the MLB faring? Their favorability rating has plummeted.  

·       Antifa might want to skip Oklahoma. Immunity for running down rioters moves forward in Oklahoma.

·       Ted Cruz answers tone-deaf Dan Rather’s Tweet. I’s say he nailed it.

·       Maybe a name change is in order for BLM.