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In The News for Monday, February 1, 2021
Posted Feb 01 2021 6:47AM

·       A long  piece, but one which should be read in its entirety, on the Tsunami of Hate that we are dealing with and just how bad it is.

·       Special Gamestop Edition of The Week in Pictures. Billy Ray Valentine and Louis Winthrope III. LOL. Looking good, Billy Ray. Feeling good, Louis. Wall Street Bets, the subreddit message board that got all this started now has over 1 billion members. That’s a lot of potential buying power and they seem determined to bring those still short to their knees. Ultimately, supply and demand determine stock prices, so we’ll see what the eventual denouement is. I’d be lying if I said this isn’t one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen in my long career. We’ve all watched over the years as hedge funds put on shorts and then use CNBC and other financial media to tout their case. It’s hard to have sympathy for them when they are hoist by their own petard. The “smart money” is not looking that smart right now. As Chamath Palihptitiya said, WallStreetBets is now the largest hedge fund in the world, except it’s completely decentralized and entirely democratic.

·       Keith Gill, the day trader who started the whole thing gives his first interview to the WSJ.  And here is a post from four months ago on WallStreetBets that proved prescient.

·       What could be next? Silver? Silver ETF (SLV) had huge upside volume on Thursday and Friday. Very bullish chart. $30 is key breakout. After that, no resistance. Start digging out those old silver dollars and silver Kennedy half dollars. The 1964’s were 90% silver with a silver weight of 0.36169.

·       And Saturday’s Week in Pictures: Reddit Hood Edition. Some real keepers. I particularly like Gov. Cuomo being named Florida’s Realtor of the Year.

·       42 Executive Orders in one week, more than his five predecessors combined. Many of them are patently illegal. The Executive Branch doesn’t have the power to change enacted law. Hopefully more states like Texas will take them to court. Destroying our country’s national security in his attempt to erase any vestige of Trump’s influence.

·       What happens when journalists venture outside the beltway. Politico reporter Tara Palmeri found out that “people don’t want to hear anything against Trump.” Imagine that. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t find anyone in Wyoming willing to defend Liz Cheney. She came to the conclusion that “I think the base is getting stronger, truly. I think an impeachment would make him even more powerful – a conviction, is what I mean.”

·       Joe Biden’s looming disaster. He’s like the dog that caught the car and is about to be roadkill.

The only message in his “I’m-not-Trump” political campaign was that President Trump made a mess of domestic and foreign policy and that Biden would fix all of that. The deadly trap is that Trump did very well on many key measures and Biden inevitably will do much worse, creating a failed Biden presidency. 

·       Well, that was embarrassing, wasn’t it? That is assuming that these people are capable of being embarrassed. NYS Senator Diane Savino shrieks over violent political quote and demand action until she learns it came from Maxine Waters. Oh well, that’s different.

·       It’s time to break them up. Google blocked ads from group opposing Democrat’s Supreme Court packing plan.

·       Biden, Inc.? Biden’s brother Frank promotes ties to POTUS in ad for Florida law firm.

·        Journalists mobilize against free speech. Journalists is a misuse of the word. They are a tool of those pushing us toward a society where the ruling party controls the media and the flow of information. Those accusing everyone else of being Nazis are themselves mimicking the behavior of Nazis and Stalinists.

·       An absolute disgrace! Clinesmith avoids the clink.

·       Too funny for words. For my Georgia subscribers