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In The News for Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Posted Jan 27 2021 7:51AM

·        Senate Democrats choose The ‘Nastiest’ Democrat to preside over their trumped up impeachment trial after Chief Justice John Roberts declined to be involved. It will be a vindictive partisan exercise in futility. Sen. Rand Paul had a thorough takedown. 45 Republican Senators voted to throw out the impeachment due to lack of jurisdiction. That means only five might possibly betray their party and vote for impeachment. It would take 17. Game over. Politico holds out hope, but there isn’t a chance. The five who voted with the Democrats were Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse and Toomey. The rest of the GOP should take a cue from the Amish and totally shun them. It will be interesting to see how this plays when they run for reelection.

·        America, It’s Time For ‘Unity’ – Or Else. An excellent WSJ Op/Ed by Gerald Baker.

·        I commented on this yesterday and Powerline picked up on it, too. Should We Cancel the Left? A Missouri gun store may have already gotten on board. Mizzou Gun Store Nixes Sales to Biden Voters.

·        I’m not the only one who noticed Jeff Bezos’ and the Washington Post’s hypocrisy on the subject of mail in voting.

·        A epic troll is a thing of beauty. You’ll remember that Biden set up The Office of the President Elect complete with official looking background. In an obvious troll, President Trump has now opened The Office of the Former President. Still living rent-free in a lot of liberal heads. Stephen Kruiser commented on this in his Morning Briefing.

·        Dominion Voting has sued Rudy Giuliani for defamation. I’m betting that the discovery process might not go as well as Dominion hopes.

·        There is an old adage “follow the money.” In the case of the Wuhan Virus, there was plenty of it being thrown around and hospitals wanted their share. The CDC apparently changed COVID Criteria that inflated fatalities 10-fold. The whole thing has been a case study of how government can screw up anything they control. As one of my friends used to say about an employee, “he can break an anvil.”  

·        As Forrest Gump might have said, “All of a sudden, travel bans are no longer racist.”

·        Critical Race Theory is totally absurd and fake moderators have bilked gullible universities and government agencies out of billion for seminars. Trump put a stop to it, but as you might have guessed, Biden is embracing it. What a gigantic farce!

·        Joe Biden’s former stenographer says the President has lost 50% of his cognitive abilities. I don’t think anyone is likely to be surprised by that news if they’ve been paying attention and getting their news somewhere besides CNN.

·        Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler may be okay with Antifa burning his town down, but getting in his face and yelling at him about not wearing a mask is the last straw. He pepper sprayed the guy.   

·        These are the people who were warning us that Democracy was at stake. Looks like they were right. Democrats move to ban Trump supporters form federal jobs or joining military. They are not even trying to hide their bent toward totalitarianism any longer.

·        [JW1] So much for ending the filibuster. Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema is a “NO’ and she says she isn’t open to changing her mind. With a 50/50 seat Senate, it doesn’t take but one defection and Manchin is another likely one.

·        Enough is enough. From now on I’m going back to Wuhan Coronavirus or Chinese Coronavirus.

·        A Freudian Slip on Amazon’s new App Icon?

·        This Tweet garnered outrage from the left until they realized it was a reprise of Auntie Maxine’s original advice on how to treat Trump cabinet members.

·        So far, Biden’s press secretary, Psaki, has been showing up totally unprepared to answer any question more incisive than the décor scheme on Air Force One or Joe’s favorite ice cream. After watching Kayleigh McEnany it is particularly noticeable.

·        I’ve been warning that if you are holding bonds, you might be in for some rough sledding. For those of you interested, here is a piece that goes into the esoterica of duration and how it affects bond prices for given moves in interest rates. It is flashing warning lights.