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In The News for Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Posted Feb 15 2023 7:32AM

·        Clapper’s Claptrap. Miranda Devine nails him.

Still lying. “There was message distortion,” James Clapper says of the election-rigging letter he signed claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinfo. “Politico deliberately distorted what we said.” He didn’t say a word for 2 years. Now he’s scared

— Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) February 13, 2023

·        The Daily Chart: Vaxing Is Waning. The CDC’s data makes it clear that children were always at very low risk.

·        The Black National Anthem doesn’t seem to have gone over that well based on the comments I’ve seen from both blacks and whites. There Is No Black National Anthem. It’s as legitimate as Kwanza. In other words, total B.S. We have one national anthem that should unite every American.

·        I’m guessing that if you look up “incompetence” in Websters, there is a picture and bio of Pete Buttigieg.  

·        The Biden Administration’s Climate Change Inanity/Insanity. The Attack On Steven Koonin. To put it in perspective, Mr. Koonin is a university professor at NYU with appointments in the Stern School of Business, the Tandon School of Engineering and the Department of Physics. He served in the Energy Dept. under Obama.

·        The Power of Old Men. A good article on Substack by Glenn Harlan Reynolds.

·        Totally True! Glenn Greenwald on ‘disinformation experts.’

·        The Physician of the Future – Dumber, Woker, and More Likely to Kill You. This caught the author’s eye. Mine, too. Law Schools are, of course, already on board and it appears that the Airlines are right behind. Unless those who still possess a modicum of common sense begin to push back, we are in big trouble. Related: Harvard integrates ‘Climate Change’ in Medical School Curriculum.

·        From The New York Times? Really?

 So, while it’s great that the New York Times finally has acknowledged that gun-free zones are useless, this epiphany is decades too late.

·        NPR Dragged (then dragged some more) for asking if we should continue masking FOREVER in some places.

 Are there certain news outlets that we should just ignore forever?

— Sai Medi (@Saikmedi) February 13, 2023

Areas with high concentrations of ugly people.

— Pounce de León (@RightAllTheTime) February 13, 2023

·        In case you missed the awful Super Bowl halftime show, here it is in a shorter version. LOL.