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In The News for Monday, August 31, 2020
Posted Aug 30 2020 9:03PM

·       Another good Week in Pictures.

·       The CDC apparently released a report stating that only 6% of the deaths attributed to Covid list Covid as the sole cause. Some have seized on the report to claim that only 9000 have died from Covid. While this is misleading due to the fact that Pneumonia, for instance, can be Covid related, I think it raised the question as to how good some of the data is. There have been a lot of documented cases where deaths were attributed to Covid that were questionable. One example was a guy who was killed in a motorcycle accident but was positive for Covid and his death went into the Covid column. We’re right to be highly skeptical of some of the numbers due to the politicization of this disease.

·       I watched the RNC on C-Span and commented on how many Democrats were calling in following the telecast. Here’s an article on the subject. The traffic was so heavy that C-Span had to change their protocol.

·       I think it’s safe to say that every time this happens more votes move into the Trump column. These things need to be given wide dissemination. They are free re-elect the President ads.

·       Joe Biden’s performance in this Anderson Cooper “interview” is why his handlers want him to stay in the basement. Scott Johnson of Powerline commented.

·       Ann Dorn addressed how the “mostly peaceful protests” had affected her life. Her husband was executed in the St. Louis riots.

·       Steven Kruiser’s take on Day 4 of the RNC: Trump Punches Hard, Gets First Round Knockout. And following his speech, “one of the most magnificent fireworks shows I’ve ever seen.” Spelling out Trump 2020 with fireworks over the Washington Monument was one of the greatest trolls of the Dems of all time. Liberal heads were exploding all over Washington, D.C.

·       An interesting scandal is developing at Sandia Labs, a federally funded research institution. One employee has pushed back against “critical race theory” being jammed down their throats, and his YouTube video went viral, garnering a lot of support from the 16,000 employees he sent it to. Hope President Trump is paying attention.

·       From Spectator USA: Trump Redefines the Race. Reality is on the President’s side, and it’s a hell of an equalizer.

·       Free Speech Org launches public push to change law protecting Big Tech censorship. The Media Research Center is gathering public comments in an effort to legally remove social media companies' immunity from lawsuits regarding censorship.

·       This is one cool airplane. The Celera 500L will fly at jet speeds with 8 times lower fuel consumption and a range twice that of a plane of comparable size.

·       It’s looking more and more as if Minnesota may swing red in November. Democrat mayors in Minnesota endorse President Trump.

·       Florida Man Friday from Stephen Green. Always a good read on what the truly crazy are up to.

·       A Federal judge on Friday rejected the New York Time’s bid to dismiss Sarah Palin’s defamation suit. It will now go to trial. The judge said there was “sufficient evidence to allow a rational finder of fact to find actual malice by clear and convincing evidence. It’s time, like in the Sandemann case, that journalists be held accountable for malicious lying.

·       I already don’t miss professional sports. This is one reason why. As someone said, I can’t wait to go to the big game today with all my friends and family, and then proceed to get lectured on politics and why America sucks, said nobody ever in the history of the world when going to a sporting event. There is, of course, a simple solution to the problem. Put a big picture of President Trump on the scoreboard and announce, “Please stand for the National Anthem, or kneel before your President.” You’ll see a bunch of athletes spazzing in place.

·       I commented a few weeks ago that what we are going through is like the first 30 minutes of the movie Death Wish where we are exposed to how evil the bad guys are so that we won’t flinch when justice is meted out by Charles Bronson, aka George Kersey. Kurt Schlichter, who has 288,000 followers posted a poll on his Twitter. The results are not surprising. The pushback seems to be developing, witness Portland on Saturday night or Washington, D.C. From Portland: Saturday night police arrested a teacher, a social work grad student and a band teacher.

·       The pushback is starting and it will accelerate, I suspect.

·       NPR has caught a lot of grief for giving this nutjob a platform, but it is actually an “in kind” contribution to the GOP. Vicky Osterweil has written a book of absolute nonsense titled In Defense of Looting. Here are some excerpts and comment. Ann Althouse also commented as did Roger Kimball.

·       Mayor Muriel Bowser was asked by the Secret Service to allow wider and better protection for those leaving the White House Thursday night, but she refused. This was the result.

·       Alex, I’ll take Malicious Harridans and Common Scolds Who Won’t Go Away for $100.

·       We’re continuing to slowly get more information released from the DOJ and it continues to raise questions and to be very frustrating to those seeking the truth.

Using procedures freely available to litigants in civil cases, I could quite rapidly have gotten to the bottom of the Russia hoax, as could a thousand other capable litigators. I can’t explain why, in far more serious matters like the FBI’s attempt to steal the election for Hillary Clinton and, failing that, to disable the Trump administration, it is impossible to bring normal legal processes to bear. But that evidently is the fact.

·       I not only hope to see indictments come out of the Durham investigation, I’d like to see some charges of treason. There seems to be ample evidence that points in that direction. These people should pay a heavy price for what they have put this country through.