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In The News for Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Posted May 12 2021 7:04AM

·       Is the pandemic responsible for America’s violent crime wave? The evidence would seem to say no.

Thus, it seems clear that the pandemic didn’t cause the U.S. crime wave — a view that, as noted, seems counterintuitive, to begin with. The problem, Gelinas concludes, is that “we have effectively halted all preventative policing [and] have also effectively stopped all incarceration of suspects and criminals short of murder.”

·       CRT:What it is, what to do. I linked to Rufo’s article in Imprimis yesterday and PowerLine had some comments on it, too. If you didn’t read the article, you should. CRT is a cancerous doctrine whose lethality is entirely intended, but — or and — it has now become the orthodoxy of the Democratic Party.

·       Starbucks isn’t happy that Facebook allows people to comment derisively about their woke agenda.

·       Liz Cheney will probably be removed today from her position as the #3 Republican leader in the House. He is one person’s take on it that I agree with.

·       Are you kidding me? Anheuser-Busch has gone woke. I’m guessing this might not fly too well with their employees, not to mention their customers. I’m a Guinness fan so not affected.

·       The CIA has broken up an ISIS plot to use incorrect pronouns. CIA agent MaKenna Wallace, a recent Gen Z hire with a degree in women’s studies says, “I’m shaking right now just thinking of it.”

·       A man named Farrakhan Muhammad shot three people in broad daylight in Times Square, one a four-year old little girl. When caught he should be hung in Times Square as an example.

·       White House official fesses up that Biden administration ‘had a plan from the beginning’ on migrant surge. That seemed fairly obvious, although their total fecklessness has been demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt. Good thing we have Kamala in charge. She’s doing such a great job.

·       The more that comes out the more it looks like there is something being covered up. GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward exposed the big lie behing Maricipa County refusing to permit review of router system during ballot audit. You’d think they would want to do anything possible to prove that Joe won fair and square. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though.  

·       Who knew? Apparently, a lot of people who kept their mouths shut. He is every nerd’s role model. Bill Gates used to throw nude swimming parties with strippers.

·       The CDC’s credibility continues its slide. The risk of outdoor transmission is close to 0.1%.

·       Today is the vote on whether or not to keep Liz Cheney in the Republican leadership hierarchy and it doesn’t look good for her. She doubled down yesterday with some petulant comments dissing former President Trump that didn’t sit well with a lot of her peers.

·       It was just a matter of time until the left came for John F. Kennedy, one of their previous heroes..

·       Micky goes full Woke. Walt Disney Company has asked employees to complete a “white privilege checklist” and to “pivot away from white dominant culture.” Add them to the restricted list.