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In The News for Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Posted Apr 27 2021 7:47AM

·       David Horowitz on the Chauvin Verdict.

On the eve of the Chauvin trial the City of Minneapolis gave a $27 million settlement to the family of George Floyd – a career criminal and dangerous drug addict. The alleged crime was the wrongful death of Floyd. The settlement was made in advance of the evidence and of the trial. It was a blatant effort to put the authorities and taxpayers of Minneapolis in the camp of the lynch mob – telling the jury that the only justice lay in absolving Floyd of any complicity in his own death and the mayhem that followed.

·       Another great nominee from the Biden team. His nominee to lead the Office of Personnel Management has the stated goal to free “black queer and trans people” from the “daily trials of white supremacy.”

·       Michigan State Rep apparently forgot that police wear body cameras these days.  

·       This was inevitable. Police are now trolling LeBron James on TikTok.

·       Get woke go broke. The Academy Awards viewership declined 58% from last year as the ratings cratered. If their attempt to double down on diversity and leftism was an attempt to lure younger viewers, it failed. That demographic, 18-49, was down 64%.

·       It’s pretty bad. Joe Biden’s Anti-American Foreign Policy.

Taken at face value, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s condemnation of the United States in a speech last week before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network was one of the most bizarre statements made by a diplomat—from the U.S. or, indeed, from anywhere—in recent years.

In her remarks, Thomas-Greenfield castigated the U.S. as inherently, irredeemably evil. “I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles,” America’s woman at the United Nations said.

While bizarre to the uninformed, it turns out Thomas-Greenfield’s remarks were simply her stump speech. She gave the same one—nearly verbatim—at the UN last month. 

·       In any other administration it would be reasonable to explore charges of treason. John Kerry divulged Hundreds of Israel’s covert attacks to Iran, leak reveals. From leaked audio reported by the New York Times.  

·       I think the mayor of Baltimore got in trouble for this. White House responds to growing  scandal over giving away Kamala Harris’ book to illegal aliens.

·       This is CNN. A little background on CNN’s new WH national security reporter[JW1] . She’ll fit right in.

·       Wyoming is Crypto heaven. The Digital Wild West.

·       Oklahoma has increased penalties for people who block roadways during a demonstration. One of those penalties is that drivers who unintentionally kill or hurt rioters are protected from prosecution. This is the new optional hood ornament that is starting to show up.

Hood Ornament.pngHood Ornament.png