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In The News: Weekend Edition
Posted May 12 2019 2:33PM

·        This is a long, interesting article on Darwin’s theory of evolution. If you have any interest in things of this nature, you’ll find that the science is anything but settled. I was unaware of what has been going on in scientific circles questioning the theory.

·        Comey says Barr has ‘lost most of his reputation’ by acting like Trump’s lawyer. I have a feeling that when this is all said and done, it is Mr. Comey’s reputation, already tattered, that will be in shreds. For a little background you may find this interesting. Stay tuned.

·        Related to above. Breaking over the weekend. According to Washington attorney Joe diGenova, Inspector General Horowitz has ‘concluded that the final three FISA Extensions were illegally obtained.” I’d prefer to hear it from the IG himself.

·        Nefarious Republican plot, Operation Just Let Them Speak, continues to bear fruit. AOC: We need a “Public Option” for banking – modeled on the US Postal Service. I know. I thought so too, but this isn’t satire. Here’s what a good idea that is.

·        Is it any wonder that much of the mainstream media has totally lost credibility? Examples like this are the reason why. From the Washington Post, a story that couldn’t be more misleading.

·        The University of Iowa will be spending over $2.7 million for its Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion this fiscal year. $1.9 million is for the salaries of the hard-working inclusion staff. If I were a member of the Iowa legislature, I’d be taking a hard look at UI’s budget.

·        You be the judge. Sane of insane? If a teacher had done this to one of my children, my wrath would have known no bounds. An Oregon elementary school teacher took it on herself to convince an eight year old boy that he was transgender. Amazingly, she hasn’t been dismissed, yet. The parents are suing for $1 million for the psychological damage done to the child. That’s a start. She should also be publicly caned.

·        As Stephen Green says, “Vote Democrat If You Think You Have Too Much Money” doesn’t seem like a great pitch. Here are some ideas from the current crop of twenty something entries in the primary. Operation Just Let Them Speak continues to bear fruit.

·        This bad boy has been used to take out two terrorist targets that we know of. It was designed to minimize collateral damage. In Feb. 2017 it was used to target Al Qaeda leader Ahmad Hasan Abu Khayr al-Marsi who was in a Kia. It apparently only left a hole in the roof and a cracked windshield. Mr. al-Marsi, however, experienced an effect that has been described as having a speeding anvil fall on you from the sky. Kia has claimed that their bumper to bumper warranty doesn’t cover roof damage due to drone attacks.

·        Denmark is the least feminist nation in the world. One in six women consider themselves feminists and yet “it is one of the best places in the world to be a woman, with a narrow gender pay gap, equal employment rights, universal nursery care, and some of the happiest female retirees on the planet.” A third of those polled indicated they were OK with wolf whistles. What’s going on? “We have a culture where what you say isn’t racist or sexist if you don’t intend it to be.”  This appears to be a country where the permanently aggrieved haven’t yet gained a serious foothold.

·        The “Holy Grail” of heart failure cures could be on the horizon after scientists learned how to regenerate specialized cells in the muscle.  It raises the possibility of restarting a growth process that ends when people are babies.  

·        I didn’t even know Adam Schiff was ill. World’s first bird brain surgery performed on parrot.

·        As the author of this article said, “To be this wrong this often deserves recognition.” Liberals Were Very Wrong About Tax Cuts.