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In The News for Friday, April 8, 2022
Posted Apr 08 2022 7:16AM

·        The Geek In Pictures: Catch Up Edition

·        Ukraine, The Russian Perspective. An interesting piece worth reading. Here is the full article and interview.

·        I watched this in disbelief. Biden wanders around looking to be included while he is totally ignored by everyone fawning over ex-President Obama. It reminds me of the Omega rush party in Animal House where no one will talk to Flounder. Legal Insurrection had a piece on the awkward event.  

·        When it comes time to stand some folks against the wall, this guy gets my vote for front of the express line. Rigged: Documentary details Zuckerberg’s $400 million vote juicing for Biden.

·        A very weird story out of Washington, D.C. Compromising The Secret Service.

·        Biden Will Still Respect You In The Morning. Remember the Alternative Minimum Tax? Get ready.

·        ROTFLMAO! When you bring your cooler brother to the office and all your co-workers like him more than you. And… When your lifelong friend becomes the popular kid and decides to dump you. Amazing footage!

·        Perhaps a harbinger of November? Kenosha County just went Red for the first time in Decades after BLM riots and Kyle Rittenhouse case.

·        Let’s try it. My Guernsey versus Bill’s Rolls Royce.

·        Oh, I hope so! To be a fly on the wall for this one

·        This seems like a good solution to me. Texas Governor Abbott intends to bus illegal immigrants to the Capitol steps and turn them loose. Gov. DeSantis has an equally good solution. He intends to bus and fly them to Slow Joe’s state, Delaware. Sure would like to see Tennessee Gov. Lee join the parade.

·        This is ample proof that the Biden administration believes we are all stupid. Jen Psaki, Call Your Psychiatrist.

·        Three RINOs, Collins, Murkowski and Romney were the only Republicans who voted to confirm radical liberal to Supreme Court.

·        Who would have thought there was a cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome? 1 in 5 Democrats want Trump back in 2024.

·        Calling it like it is. What a perfect response from this Canadian taxpayer to the Canadian Revenue Agency.

·        Well, the question we all want the answer to now is which Democrat bit it? Capitol Hill fox euthanized, tests positive for rabies