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In The News for Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Posted Jul 27 2021 9:51PM

·    January 6 Hearings Get Under Way. A good comment on this farce, although not nearly enough ridicule of Cheney and Kinzinger. If Joe Biden’s policies had not proved a comprehensive failure, the Democrats would not be trying to focus attention on an ex-president of the opposite party.

      It’s Time to Purge the ‘Pelosi Republicans.’ Hear, hear[JW1] . From what I hear from Wyoming, Liz Cheney is done. Stick a fork in her. It’s a start. Adam Kinzinger[JW2]  obviously needs to be exiled to Elba, too.

·       PayPal goes full Woke. New addition to my restricted list.  

·       Pure Derangement over the fake climate change narrative. I, too, support their children’s decisions not to have children. The world doesn’t need more fools.

·       An Interview with Gen. Flynn. Worth watching. A real eye-opener. should be on your list of sites to regularly check. They have broken some big stories like the Gov. Whitmer FBI set-up.

·       Biblical Justice? Crowd stones to death gunman who reportedly killed party goer and wounded three others.

·       Barbara Boxer’s mugging reminded me of this great scene from Boston Legal of Denny Crane being mugged in a parking garage. A classic.

·       The Majority of Registered Voters, 55%, Say Pandemic-Related Shutdowns ‘Did More Harm Than Good,’ poll. 62% worry that government officials will try to hold to their “emergency” powers. Looks like voters may not be as stupid as politicians think they are[JW3] .

·       Just how stupid is the Biden administration? Immigration judges forbidden to use the word ‘Alien.’ As if that changes the facts, which is that Joe Biden has violated his oath to uphold the laws of the United States.

If the president truly wanted to “restore faith in our legal immigration systems”, he would start by enforcing the immigration laws at the border and interior of the United States. With the border a chaotic disaster (largely due to Biden’s own policies), and interior enforcement all-but nonexistent (again, thanks to the Biden administration), EO 14012 plainly does not mean what it says.

·       What do you do with a President who refuses to enforce laws? You impeach him.

·       My adopted homeland is giving me flashbacks to the Russia I fled. Who would ever have thought that we could have descended so far towards a police state?