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In The News for Monday, October 3, 2022
Posted Oct 02 2022 5:48PM

·        The high school football rivalry that Sports Illustrated has called the top one in the U.S. took place Friday evening on a cool, clear perfect night for football at Red Etter Stadium on the Baylor campus to an SRO crowd. The Baylor Red Raiders, ranked number two in the state, snatched victory in the fourth quarter from the McCallie Blue Tornado, ranked number three in the state. McCallie led the whole game and was up 27-17 going into the fourth quarter. With 11:33 to go, Baylor picked up a McCallie fumble and ran it in for a 35-yard touchdown. Another turnover on what looked like a sure touchdown for McCallie, and a Baylor 65 yard touchdown pass/run, and the final score was 31-27 Baylor. GBR. ’66. Ranking Baylor/McCallie Among the Great Rivalries of Civilization. LMAO! Great article from the May, 2022 Baylor Notes.

·        A must read. The FBI’s dismissal letter to Peter Strzok has been released. He probably should have been subject to legal prosecution.

·        California Didn’t Get The Memo.

I recall once asking Arthur Laffer why California is governed so badly. His response: “That’s like asking why pretty girls are mean: because they can.” Of course, a lot of mean pretty girls age badly and become fat, ugly, and unmarried. Sort of like California government these days.

·        Macron vs. Meloni. I’ll take Meloni and give you points.

·        Facebook scrambles to escape stock’s death spiral as users flee, sales drop. I’m working real hard to generate some good crocodile tears. From over $1 trillion in market capitalization to $364.65 billion. High was $384.33. Just broke below $137.10. Next level of support $123.02. Breaking that the stock could be headed for the $72 level.  

·        These people simply can’t be ridiculed enough. Planned Parenthood doctor testifies men can get pregnant: ‘This is Medicine’

·        I’ve been saying this for years. America’s Four-Star Problem. The next administration’s top priority must be a dramatic reduction in the four-star overhead. I guarantee that there are some Pattons, Eisenhowers, Robin Olds, Chesty Pullers, Bull Simons, and David Hackworths buried in the Field Grades and possibly a few laying low in the Flag Ranks. They need to be elevated and the wokerati contingent cashiered.

·        Just how swampy is it in Washington, D.C. This swampy.  

·        Trevor Noah’s work is done. He reduced the Daily Show’s audience by about 75% and is moving on. I’ve never figured out who the hell he is and why anyone would think he was capable of hosting a show. Apparently my instincts were correct. Meanwhile, Fox’ Greg Gutfeld is smoking the competition. The once unassailable Tonight Show is mired in fourth place thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

·        Good. UPDATE: Man who ran over Republican teen in North Dakota now charged with felony murder.   

·        The Harassment Of Ginni Thomas. Outrageous!

 One can imagine the outcry if a Republican-led committee interrogated the spouse of a Democratic Supreme Court Justice in a hearing, over which hovered the potential for criminal charges. For disagreeing with Republicans! That, of course, would never happen. But, with Democrats in control of the absurd “January 6 Committee,” that is exactly what just took place. Americans of all political stripes should be outraged.

·        Chart that should terrify Democrats. From WSJ article “Where Democrats Grip on Minority Voters Could Slip in Midterm Elections”.

·        Maverick County, Texas sheriff Ton Sschmerber, the guy at the eye of the illegal immigration storm says we need to initiate a zero tolerance policy which entails immediately returning illegals back over the border. Anyone with a brain knows he is right. I’d argue that we need to go much further and start loading buses up with those the Biden administration has spread across the country and shipping them back. I don’t care if they are Somalis or Pakistanis, ship them back to where they crossed and let Mexico deal with them.  

·        Only the woke don’t know they’re over. In Farmington, MN students walked out when prom king and queen titles were axed and staff was told to use their ‘straight, white privilege’ to back new gender-neutral homecoming royalty.

·        Thanks for nothing, John Durham. As Durham winds up his investigation, the results seem very disappointing to those who actually thought malfeasance would be publicized and punished.