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In The News for Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Posted Jan 19 2021 7:29AM

·       The Left always tries to silence – and criminalize – its opposition. They have to do this because their ideas are too stupid and self-serving to withstand honest criticism. The Left now just wants to silence Conservatives – all of them. Related: Brit Hume Tweet. Most of the news coming out of the mainstream media and the Democrats seems to be flogging the narrative that our biggest threat to Democracy is white supremacy. Anyone who buys that isn’t paying attention. It is a straw man, designed to take attention away from the attempt to take away fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed rights of U.S. citizens and should be fought tooth and nail. If brains were lard, some of these people don’t have enough to grease a skillet. In case you have any doubt, they really, really do want you silenced.

·       Bill Maher as the voice of reason? “Don’t Link Rioting Thugs to 74 Million Voters.” Even though he’s a partisan liberal, Bill Maher has occasional moments of clarity that many others in the liberal media do not.

·       Jonathan Turley thinks Trump’s best move might be to just ignore the most recent impeachment.

·       Italy might just have the right idea. Hope it catches on here. 50,000 restaurants in Italy declare “I am open” defying lockdown measures.

·       Been using a new browser, Brave, which I like a lot, so far. It imported all my remembered passwords from Google Chrome and seems to work flawlessly. It even offers Tor as an option, but I haven’t explored that, yet.

·       Why Conservatives should boycott Loews Hotels.

·       Apparently a lot of Californians are moving to Tennessee, according to Jeff Porter, U-Haul Co. of Nashville President. Tennesse is the top spot for one-way trips from other states.