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In The News for Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Posted Dec 21 2021 7:45AM

·       President Biden seems to be getting “expodentially” more incompetent.

Howie the Cruise Missile

I had Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University on my radio show this week and he described omicron as “a pandemic of lunacy which is dominating the airwaves.”

In Florida and many other parts of the US, though, life is back to normal. The hysteria is being promoted, yet again, in the blue states.

And it’s easy to understand why — the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) would rather talk about anything other than Dementia Joe’s dismal performance this year.

Inflation, the ongoing invasion on the southern border, Afghanistan, the supply-chain crisis, a violent Democrat-inspired crime wave now spreading out of the cities into the chi-chi soccer-mom suburbs…

Bottom line, Dementia Joe has had a worse year running the U.S. than Urban Meyer did with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

·       Anthony Fauci, Political Thug.

Is Anthony Fauci the most inept, politicized bureaucrat in American history? That is a very high bar, but he is certainly a contender. I wrote about the Great Barrington Declaration when it first came out. They have been proven right. Fauci and Dr. Collins of NIH have been thoroughly discredited. Nothing he says or espouses should be paid attention to.

·       Cringe time. Losing Their Grip. Joe Manchin! My Man!...and more.