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In The News for Friday, October 28, 2022
Posted Oct 27 2022 6:44PM

·        Update on the Green Energy scam from Powerline on Goldman Sachs Global Head of Commodities Research, Jeff Currie. $3.8 Trillion, For… And this: Bad Energy Policy Ideas Never Die. From Michael Ramirez: Put Me In, Coach.

·        Imagine being the CEO who is responsible for your company losing $764 billion in market capitalization. Mark Zuckerberg, the uber woke CEO of Meta Platforms (AKA Facebook) may hold the all-time record for wealth destruction. Wonder if he’d like to have some of that money back he used to help throw the 2020 elections? Pardon me while I wipe off some big ole crocodile tears.

·        Biden makes fun of reporters who actually thought they could ask him unscripted questions. Keep it up, Joe. Bite the hand that feeds you. Smart move. With two weeks to go before the midterm elections, the Democrats aren’t even pretending anymore as they resort to outright, bald-faced lies when talking about immigration, inflation, gas prices and the economy. I’m reminded of the famous Albert Einstein quote, “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” A good example: Biden admits in interview that he fully supports “transitioning” minors. Pathetic, just pathetic. 75% of Americans are fed up with the transgender movement according to a McLaughlin & Assoc. poll.  

·        If the Red Tsunami that many believe is coming does materialize, you can be sure there will be some surprises. Republicans are likely to gain seats in what was formerly considered “safe” blue states.  

·        Senators Grassley and Johnson send prosecutor evidence on Hunter Biden. They are essentially sending him a message that he’d better do his job or come January they will be calling him on the carpet.

·        We’ve been talking about the problems with the U.S. Military for the past few years as it has continued to dissolve into a woke mess run by idiots. A new report from the Heritage Foundation, the latest Index of U.S. Military Strength has characterized American hard power as “weak.” Pentagon leaders are none too pleased.  

Perhaps one can forgive someone in the Pentagon for taking offense when an outsider says their baby is ugly but, if it is true, prideful umbrage does not overrule the fact of the matter. When it comes to assessing our military, it’s size, readiness, and capabilities that counts. The Pentagon should care far more about its ability to protect U.S. interests than its self-esteem.

·        If correct, this is huge! And lights out for Dems. USA Today Poll: GOP getting 40% of the Hispanic vote and 21% of the Black vote. By was of comparison, Donald Trump carried 32% of the Hispanic vote and 12% of the Black vote. As Steven Hayward of Powerline opines, “This trend, if it continues, is an extinction-level meteor heading straight for the Democratic Party.”

·        The first of what is likely to be a trend if successful. Dow goes nuclear: chemical firm will install reactors at US chemicals complex.

·        Don’t want to get too cocky, but Democrat’s homestretch flailing is both pathetic and hilarious.

 Now that we’re less than a fortnight out from Election Day, the Democrats have reached the sweaty night terrors stage of reckoning about what’s facing them. The bad news is coming at them rapid-fire now.

Even Democrat candidates who haven’t had a bad week so far are still saddled with a village idiot of a president who thinks airplane seat legroom is racist and his spokesditz, who is even more nonsensical than he is.

·        Rob Reiner is perhaps equaled in his derangement by only Keith Olberman. Poor Keith didn’t take John Fetterman’s debate trouncing very well