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In The News for Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Posted Jul 27 2021 8:05AM

·       You remember, of course, that the Libs, Democrats and Media all screamed Russian disinformation when Hunter’s laptop came to light. Joe was one of he loudest. This clip from his laptop of him smoking crack cocaine is all over the internet as we hear nothing but crickets from the lying liars that tried to discredit it.

·       Wisdom from the past courtesy of Paul Krugman.

·       Hands down the winner of ludicrous liberal bulls**t of the day from some woke idiot in Highland Park, Dallas. Probably some carpet bagger from a blue state poisoning the waters in Texas. It reads like satire, but of course it isn’t. Steven Hayward also had a comment.

·       “It’s really not a good time to be a mascot of color. The unemployment crisis is affecting mascots of color disproportionately. It’s racism, plain and simple.” Unemployment up 800% among ethnic mascots.

·       An interesting comparison of the ramp in the Ford Model T to the ramp in the Tesla.