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In The News for Thursday, October 21, 2021
Posted Oct 21 2021 6:10AM

·       It is beginning to dawn on the Dems that Manchin is serious. He and Sen. Sinema stand between us and disaster. Hope they have the guts to stand by their positions.

·       The Bidens: Corrupt or Crazy. How about ‘and’. Very interesting listen.

·       My thoughts precisely. ‘Rachel Levine Is  4-Star Admiral’ Is Our ‘Caligula’s Horse Is a Senator’ Moment.

·       He, of course, denies it, but it would hardly be surprising. Manchin tells associates he’s considering leaving the Democratic Party.

·       Democrats to Cops in 2020: You’re evil racists and we want to defund you! Democrats to Cops in 2021: We need you to enforce Vaccine Mandates. Cops to Democrats: Get Stuffed.

·       I’s day Dan Crenshaw has it right.

·       Hell Yes! Tweet of the Week.