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In The News for Thursday, October 1, 2020
Posted Oct 01 2020 2:30AM

·       Watched the Comey testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee. Can’t imagine how this guy ever reached the point where anyone would have thought he was capable of being the head of the FBI. When Ted Cruz finally got hold of him he went into full Sgt. Schultz mode. I Know Nothing! He played dumb and didn’t remember a lot, even things that were addressed to him and that should have set off alarms. Not very believable.

·       For some good comments on the debate I would refer you to two or three posts on Powerline. I find myself in agreement with most of what they say. Here, here and here. I have to say, one of the most telling moments for me was when Biden refused to admit Antifa is a terrorist organization. Are you kidding me!? He falsely claimed that “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” Trump was incredulous and rightfully so. I also found it interesting that Trump got him to throw the Green Nude Eel Green New Deal under the bus. Comedian Albert Brooks had one of the best comments on the debate. “Word is the next debate will be moderated by the National Guard.” Of course, now that the hue and cry is being raised for “rules” it’s hard not to remember this great clip.

·       This C-Span poll caught me by surprise, as did the Telemundo poll.  

·       As for the results…A CNN Pre-Debate Poll Shows Biden Clearly Won Debate. My favorite recent story from the paper of record is this one. Trump Puts Himself On All Postage Stamps, Forcing Democrats To Push For Abolishing USPS. Or as one person said, forcing Democrats to kiss his a**. LOL.

·       Chris Wallace didn’t come off too good as the moderator. As I thought would happen, he wasn’t able to disguise his bias very well. His framing of the question on Critical Race Theory was ridiculous and President Trump missed a great chance to call him out on it. As one commentator said, “I don’t think it was a win for anybody, though it was clearly a debacle for Chris Wallace.”

·       Apparently crime isn’t the only thing up sharply. The lockdown has resulted in an uptick in extramarital affairs. It looks like someone isn’t social distancing.

·       I’ve said this before and it is worth repeating. Never Apologize to the Mob.

·       Democrats reveal Republican’s latest voter suppression scheme. You have to admit. Conservatives own the meme and satire space. It has to do with having a sense of humor which liberals seem to have lost some time ago.

·       I talked early on about the unintended consequences of our reaction to the Wuhan Virus. This is one that isn’t so surprising. New York sees 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces for More. The worst mayor in America is presiding over a debacle of epic porportions.

·       If you’ve  paid any attention to the Chamber of Commerce over the last few years, this shouldn’t surprise you. The Chamber’s political chief resigned after the Chamber endorsed several Democrats.

·       The NBA seems to be learning a hard lesson as viewership falls off a cliff.

·       A good piece worth reading. Tell The Truth – Or At Least Don’t Lie. The Bubblegum Pig.

·       Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer will sue Joe Biden for Libel over fake accusations in new ad.

·       Where is the real threat of authoritarianism coming from? We’ve seen it playing out several states and cities where governors and mayors have usurped power that was never intended to be granted to them by the electorate.