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In The News for Monday, April 18, 2021
Posted Apr 18 2021 8:52PM

·       Apparently, the media’s strenuous attempts to silence this story haven’t succeeded. 85% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats and Independents want Hunter Biden investigated.

·       It is important to be honest about what today’s media actually are. They are Democrat propagandists and should be treated as such.

·       Comparison of Russian and American military recruiting. I think I’m going to throw up.

·       Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever! It’s an easy way for liberals to virtue signal and a visible sign of their power over the rest of us.

·       Maxine Waters did what she accused President Trump of. She incited violence and should be held accountable and stripped of all committee assignments and kicked out of the House. Let’s see if those who have been pushing the “insurrection” BS have anything to say about this. My guess is not a peep will be heard from them. Maximum Maxine update.

·       Immigration And The Essential Cravenness Of Joe Biden. Nothing so surely signals the essential emptiness of Joe Biden than his rapid flip-flop Friday on raising the cap on the number of asylum seekers the United States will accept.

·       As I’ve said on many occasions, you deserve to get what you voted for good and hard. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot has been a disaster in every respect of the word. Now rumors are that she is about to resign over a sex scandal involving another woman. You’ve got to be kidding? She was apparently caught cheating on her “wife.” It gets better. She was apparently cheating with a boyfriend and got a good beating from her “wife” when it came to light. Police were called over the disturbance.

·       We’ve descended into some sort of bizarre hell-world in which Bill Maher is a voice of sanity.  

·       100 Royal Marines defeat 1200 U.S. soldiers. The war game was cut short due because the British victory was so swift and unexpected.