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In The News for Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Posted Nov 10 2020 7:28AM

·       “They Lie, They Lie, They Lie. And Then They Lie.” Millie Hemingway on the media. They are in full suppress the news mode right now as evidence of voter fraud mounts. Facebook and Twitter have given up any pretense of being neutral, which they never were.

·       Laurence Jarvik: Why I believe Trump won. “If one looks at previous crises faced by the Trump Administration, a pattern emerges – initial media reports are eventually exposed as false, once the full record becomes public.”

·       Professor Jonathan Turley is a Democrat and a professor of constitutional law at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He believes Americans should welcome review for close counts. A good, well-reasoned article.

·       Worth remembering. There is no “president-elect until the electoral college meets on December 14th. In 2000, the Supreme Court didn’t render their decision until December 12th.  

·       In case you missed this piece about election anomalies, here it is again. As Sarah Hoyt says, Don’t Jump Off That Ledge. This Is Just A Blue Smokescreen. We’ll see.

·       Kind of expected this. Ought to be interesting. Trump plans to hold rallies to send a “message to the left.” I’m guessing the anger that will be demonstrated by the crowds will be off the charts.

·       Lawsuits have been filed in eight states[JW1] . Updates on Texas and Michigan.

·       I’ve noticed an explosion of traffic on Parler, which is the alternative to Twitter. I have been on Twitter for a couple of years and am gradually making the transition to Parler. My Parler handle is @Reveille if you are interested.

·       Internal Fox News Numbers Reveal Catastrophic Viewership Collapse. I’m not surprised.